Write a Review Wednesday: Topsy-Turvy Town

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week we reviewed Scholastic Canada‘s The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge. This week we ventured into the mind of a child in Tundra Books Topsy-Turvy Town (age 2-5) written and illustrated by Luc Melanson. I have to thank Sylvia at Tundra Books for my review copy.


A young boy takes a trip through Topsy-Turvy town, where cars are made of chocolate, dogs play the tuba instead of barking and broccoli rains from the sky. His sister thinks he’s silly. His aunt thinks he’s making it up. His dad pretends to ignore it all. Nobody believes him; nobody but his mom.

Luc Melanson‘s Topsy-Turvy Town gives us a peek into the wonderful and creative imagination of a child through he delightful words and whimsical images filling the pages before you.

I’ll admit, the first time I read Topy-Turvy Town I didn’t fall in love with the book. But reading it again (and again) with my kids has given me a new appreciation and perspective. My 3-year-old and 5-year-old loved the little boy’s world. You could see in their faces that they too had stepped into that world while we were reading the story. Although this particular world isn’t like any they have imagined, they were quick to explain how Topsy-Turvy Town was similar to or different from their own imaginative worlds. Reading the story  got my two youngest excited about fantasy worlds and the ideas poured out. A book that extends my children’s interest beyond just the pages we’re reading is certainly worth adding to our collection.

You can add Topsy-Turvy Town to your own personal collection by visiting your independent bookstore or Tundra Books. If you’re looking for other great books for kids, take a read through the past Write a Review Wednesday posts.

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