If it’s in print, it’s official. Right?

Okay, it’s not news that I’ve been working with Michelle at EverythingMom. I started working as the Review Editor last fall and have been really enjoying the work (and trying out new things and sharing my opinion, of course). At the start of the new year I was very fortunate to offered a more integrated role with EverythingMom as the Managing Editor of the site. This means I get a say in what sort of content appears on the site and when. I also love working with companies and public relation firms getting our members new products to try. Michelle made the announcement about my addition when it was official (I still blush when I read it) and I’m listed on the team page, but everything seems so solid when these little guys arrived. And boy am I excited!

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5 responses to this post.

  1. Very Cool! Congrats!


  2. YAY!! Congratulations! Having the cards in hand would make it feel more official to me too! 🙂


  3. Yes – yes it is official – and wonderful!

    Great to have you!



  4. Makes it real huh? You’re the read deal now.


  5. […] the correct word. I’m still working with EverythingMom.com but my role has evolved. Since I started working for the online company in 2009, I have been a big supporter of everything the site and the company and the founder, […]


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