Eating at Tonys

There’s something about a road trip that brings out the desire to eat at a roadside eatery. And a road trip to the US always brings with it unique eating experiences. This most recent trip to Michigan was no different.

Tony’s I-75

My husband saw some video on a place called Tony’s in Birch Run, Michigan. So en route to Monroe, Michigan we made a detour (an hour detour) to try this place out. An hour detour you’re wondering, for food? Well Tony’s on I-75 is known for its huge portions. Specifically their BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich).

Yah, it’s pretty big. It’s not the lettuce or the thin tomato slices. It’s the bacon. Deep fried bacon. They say they include more than one pound, but my husband swears there was more.

We probably should have stopped there right? But how can you pass on dessert. Especially when it looks like this:

That’s a banana split with 1 quart of ice-cream (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla), plus sauce, banana, whipped cream and cherries. The thing was larger than my youngest daughter’s head. While we were eating it, the ice-cream toppled over out of the little bowl on to the plate. Now I know why they give you such a large plate.

Well we didn’t finish everything which is probably a good thing, though we did seem to a better job on the ice-cream.

The food wasn’t spectacular, I probably wouldn’t make another stop, but it was a stop we had to make once. We’ve done it and I’m glad we did.

Tony Paco’s

The good thing about eating a big dinner, we were all still hungry come morning. But as lunch rolled around it was time to eat again. This time we visited another Tony, a different Tony, in Toledo, Ohio. We visited Tony Paco‘s, famous for their chili dogs (and mentioned a number of times on M*A*S*H).

I devoured my Double Dog with chili and shredded cheese. Awesome!

Thank goodness there are only two more days to this trip or else I wouldn’t be able to fit in the van for the ride home.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mom on March 21, 2010 at 9:10 am

    OK that is a big serving but the sandwich looks unappetizing with that amount of bacon on it- I guess that is if you are not a bacon-aholic. enjoy your trip back. love mom


  2. OMGosh! I guess you choose either meal or dessert…not both! I woulnt have believed it if I hadnt seen it!


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