Everyone Should have a Sibling

I knew when we were planning on having kids we would have at least two. I have a one sister and my husband has a brother and a sister. Yes there were times, many times, that I hated having a sister. I hated sharing a room with her or having clothes that looked the same or that she mimicked me or was friends with my friends. There were many more things too, but that’s part of that whole sibling relationship.

I see it with my own kids. Some days are filled with constant bickering or tattling or all out fights.

But like we remind our kids, friends will come and go but family is forever. And I love when my kids prove me right by supporting one another, sticking up for each other and just hanging out together.

Now that the nicer weather has arrived, we’ve been making an effort to walk to and from school; a nice change from the drive in the van. I love to see my kids walking together and sharing what has happened to then that day. It’s nice knowing that even if my kids don’t want to talk to me (‘cuz I’m mom), they’ll always have each other to confide in.

2 responses to this post.

  1. It’s so true. There have been many fair weather friends believe me! but my children and I still have that wonderful bond that no one can break even though they are all grown up.


  2. So sweet! I want a sibling for my daughter, but I wish the baby could grow to 3 years old in a week! I’m so nervous to take the plunge into babyhood again. Must not be time quite yet. Loving your blog 🙂


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