Write a Review Wednesday: Nana’s Getting Married

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week my seven-year-old daughter has been working on a school research project, which she has since finished, so I a reviewed DK‘s reference book Pick Me Up. This week we’re reviewing Tundra’s Books’ new release Nana’s Getting Married (age 4-7), written by Heather Hartt-Sussman and illustrated by Georgia Graham . Thanks goes to Sylvia at Tundra Books for my review copy.


Nana use to bake chocolate chip cookies, knit mittens and read bedtime stories. Nana was the best grandma in the world. Then she met Bob and now she wears her hair differently, takes long bubble baths, and even puts on makeup. Everyone seems happy with Nana’s new love interest, everyone that is but her grandson. He, for one, does not approve. He tries everything from pretending to be sick to trying to scare Bob away, anything that might keep Nana all to himself. But nothing works. Then something awful happens, Nana and Bob plan on getting married. But maybe this news isn’t as bad as it sounds and maybe Bob isn’t as awful as the little boy imagines.

Nana’s Getting Married is a delightful story about the relationship between an adult and a child. We tend to develop strong attachments to others in our lives, whether that’s a grandma or a child or a best friend. Sometimes that relationship can feel threatened when others try to join our bond and we’ll do anything to protect it, to keep it the same, just like the little boy trying to preserve his relationship with his Nana. Heather Hartt-Sussman does a wonderful job portraying this young boy’s struggle. Even though the boy thinks some of the things his Nana does are gross, you can read his underlining love for her.

I love Georgia Graham‘s artwork in the Wanda books and she does another amazing job in Nana’s Getting Married. I especially love the facial expressions she gives the characters.

My kids enjoyed Nana’s Getting Married as much as I did. Reading the story they could really empathise with the little boy’s feelings. They thought about having to share their Grandma or Nana. My son went so far as to think of other ways the little boy could have scared Bob away (I think that must be a boy thing, creating booby trap plans).

Nana’s Getting Married is a great story about the bond we create with people. It also shows that although change can be scary, sometimes change leads to great things if we’re open to the alternatives. I think this is a great story even if you don’t have a Nana getting married.

If you’re in or around the Toronto area, Heather Hartt-Sussman will be reading from Nana’s Getting Married at the Indigo bookstore in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre this Saturday, February 20, 2010 at noon. She’ll be signing copies afterward. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Can’t make it out to the reading but are interested in adding a copy of Nana’s Getting Married to your personal library, checkout your local bookstore or visit Amazon.ca. You can read through the past Write a Review Wednesday posts for other great book suggestions.

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  2. Posted by Joan Austin on February 17, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    I can’t wait to pick up this book for my grandchildren!


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