Should I be feeling guilty?

So my husband is away on a business trip. At first I was a little jealous we couldn’t swing it for the family to go. He’s going to warmer Orlando, Florida. But now that he’s gone I’m actually looking forward to my time. Yes it will be a little harried getting the three kids to bed or out the door for school but there is a plus side.

Like now.

As I sit in front of my computer trying to get things organized and work completed, my kids are entertained by the TV or video games or the computer. Okay, I won’t win any parenting awards, but sometimes even kids love time to do nothing or better still play games and watch TV, something they don’t usually get to do.

I don’t have to stress about entertaining them or curbing too much digital input into their brains. I’m not worried about getting outside and away from the house or doing errands or fixing up the office (though I did tell my husband I would do that).

Now don’t get me wrong, my husband doesn’t expect that these things get done on the weekend or when he’s here. If we were to reverse our roles and I was away he would probably do the same thing. When we’re all together in the house at the same time there’s this underlying sense that we need to be doing something as a family, something educational or entertaining or culturally enriching. The week is so busy with work and school and classes, the weekend is the one time we’re all together; we should be DOING something.

So having my husband out-of-town gives me, the family, permission to do our own thing even though we’re all in the house together. Maybe I do feel a little guilty about not feeling guitly but I’m trying hard to suppress those feelings, at least for the next few days.

2 responses to this post.

  1. “Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilt, and I’ll show you a man” Erica Jong

    Enjoy the downtime – you know it will be over before you know it.


  2. Naw, don’t feel guilty. At home we talk about balance with our 7 year old son. Video games are permitted only on weekends but he has to balance it out with other activities like hockey, reading or doing something constructive. (Constuctive usually results in playing with LEGO or building a fort from couch cushions and blankets. He also helps out with small chores.)
    Nothing wrong with down time just as long as it is not ALL down time. To me, it sounds like you have a pretty good balance. 🙂


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