There ARE people behind the games

Checking out the cool iPhone apps from zinc Roe design

I’ve probably mentioned before that we’re a bit of a gaming family. We play with Leapster and the Wii and the DS and Playstation 3. Now we can add my iPhone to the list. Even my three-year old is hooked on the gaming action; her favourites are those Tickle Tap Apps, iPhone Apps developed by zinc Roe design. We tried out their first three apps when they were introduced to the market. More have been released since our review and still more are in the works.

It turns out zinc Roe design is a Canadian company, in my very city. When they found out we were nearby, they invited us (as in myself and my kids) to visit their studio. My seven-year old was disappointed she had to go to school. She did feign an illness but I’m too smart for that. I mean, I was her age once; I know those tricks.

So it was just myself and my five-year old son and three-year old daughter.  After their initial shyness wore off, my kids were right into playing some of zinc Roe design‘s great iPhone games. They even got to try some of the new games we don’t own yet which was kind of fun. My daughter was excited about trying Field Flier and my son really enjoyed the Colour Collector. Along with their own work, zinc Roe design also works with other clients on interactive new media projects for kids. They recently launched TVOKids first iPhone game called Melvin’s Marvellous Words.

I always enjoy meeting the minds behind great creative products and Tickle Tap Apps is a great product. You sometimes forget that there’s a whole team behind a seemingly small property. My kids also seemed to really enjoyed themselves. We stayed longer than I expected, almost missing the start of my son’s class in the afternoon. The people at zinc Roe design were amazing with the kids. I do feel a little bad though; I think my son may have eaten them out of snacks (sorry).

All in all it was a fun and exciting morning. On the drive to school my daughter fell asleep after all the excitement. My son spent the whole time in the car discussing his plans to be a game designer. He plans on making iPhone games too, scavenger hunt games. Well something with treasure and pirates and an Indiana Jones like character.

Thank You! (drawing of all the stairs we walked up and my son 'sneaking' snacks from the office)

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    Just trying to test which way is quickest to get a hold of you.
    If you wanted to talk more about preschooler iphone apps that would be great!

    I am at mhousley [at]



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