Every Lego has its place

You may remember my son’s Lego obsession. He loves these little blocks. He likes to build cities and cars and buildings and robots and secret hideouts and…well I could go on and on. There really seems to be no limit to my son’s imagination when it comes to these little blocks.

And like most parents, when you child finds something they like and can do well (assuming it’s legal of course) you encourage them; in our case we buy more Lego sets and Lego pieces.

The problem with this of course is my son’s collection has exceed his current containment set-up. Originally he had a drawer in his toy cabinet. That drawer expanded to two drawers. Then it took over his little table, then his dresser, then is storage bench (which is really supposed to be for dirty laundry). But when it started to creep out on the floor so we were stepping on it and vacuuming it up I knew something had to be done.

Off to Ikea!

I found a storage unit with buckets that fit perfectly under his bed (we raised his bed so he has a play area underneath). Now my son had various buckets to store the different Lego pieces. It took my son and I almost an entire afternoon to go through all the Lego hiding places in his room and sort it into the new containers: one for Lego people, one for small pieces, one for big pieces, one for those pieces that don’t seem to fit into one category and of course he needed one for work in progress. We also set aside three drawers for the bigger Mega Bloks that his younger sister likes to play with.

A drawer for the various Lego blocks

...the small pieces go here...

Now to build the holding cells for secret spies

Pay no attention to the builders behind the curtain

Now my son can find that long triangle piece when he needs to build a jet or the hinge piece when he’s building a trap door or an army of Lego guys when England is invading France. Plus the top of the storage area makes a great construction, display and play space. But the best thing is I’m not pulling Lego blocks out of the central vacuum system or the washing machine anymore.


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  1. I have tried this sorting so many times with my kids, but I guess 5 is too young to appreciate the beauty of finding the piece you want when you want it.


  2. Posted by Maria on January 15, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    We are Lego crazy at our house too. Great job on organizing them – I’ve done something similar. Helps maintain the level of sanity for mommy’s sake!


  3. We are rapidly approaching the need for something like this at our house! Legos are the big thing around here now, and they need a home!


  4. No Legos here yet…I’m sure the day is coming.


  5. That is great!! I am an organizing nut so I love seeing stuff like this 🙂 We have lego everywhere too, it’s insane. I have them sorted in rubbermaid bins but I like the idea of this being all in one location. Sometimes my guys take the bins of lego to different areas of the house and dump them out.

    Then I am totally screwed!!!

    Well done!


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  7. […] biggest or the loudest (the last is his favourite). There have been many times my son has been too distracted with Lego in his room to get dressed in the morning, or when he drags his feet on our walk to school because he would […]


  8. […] excited seeing the Lego float. My son loves Lego. Actually love isn’t nearly strong enough, more like obsessed. And it was a great float. Seeing the larger-than-life characters gave them a sense that they were […]


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