Disney Princesses on Ice

We had the chance to attend the Toronto showing of Disney on Ice: Princess Classics earlier this week as special guests of Mom Central Canada. My youngest daughter was thrilled. She insisted on dressing appropriately for the event.

Ready to greet the Princesses

The show is running in the Roger’s Center in downtown Toronto. If you’ve been in the Roger’s Center you know it’s huge, but they set-up the stage in half the area and kept the seating close. We had great seats near the front, but the view was great from any of the available seats.

The costumes were spectacular and most of the princess stories you’re familiar with were part of the show (not the new Princess and the Frog though). Placed in two acts, the first act covered a main, familar scene from the story of Aladin, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Mulan and Little Mermaid. I should point out that only one scene was shown and they all ended without the prince discovering the princess. I mention that because my seveon-year old noticed it and made mention of it at the end of each scene, a little disappointed. But the prince eventually does find the princess in each story and how it’s done is wonderful.

The second act is all about Cinderella, a quick retelling of the main scenes. You’ll find yourself humming and singing along with all the familiar music.

This video was taken with the compact Flip Mini HD

The performers do an amaing job involving the audience too, by talking to them, interacting with them, performing right in front of them on various parts of the ice. The use of smoke and indoor sparklers also add to the magical feel of the show.

The Disney on Ice: Princess Classics is running until December 27, 2009. And if you use the special Mom Central Canada code (MMC) you may still be able to get tickets for $11 each when you buy four or more tickets (Monday to Friday, excluding Friday evenings) or $4 off all weekend shows. *

To take advantage of this deal, visit TicketMaster.ca and enter the promotional code MCC.

Watching Disney on Ice: Princess Classics was a great way to kick off our Christmas vacation. Even my five-year old son who didn’t want anything to do with Princesses, really enjoyed himsel. His favourite of course was Mulan.

* Not valid for rink side or VIP seating. Cannot be combined with other offers. Service charge and handling fees will apply.

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