Flip Friday: Christmas Concerts and Wish Lists

I received my Flip Mino HD yesterday, just in time for my kids Christmas concert at school; what a perfect place to try it out. I had to charge my Flip before heading out and since my computer wasn’t turned on at the moment I thought I’d use my mophie USB dual charger or car charger, but neither seemed to work. So on went the computer. My mac’s USB was behind the screen so it was a little awkward to plug-in (I could use my USB buddy without a problem which helped).

At the concert I realized I didn’t look at the instructions on how to use my Flip Mino HD but it was pretty intuitive. All the buttons are on the back of the camera (except for the power button and the switch to pop out the USB). The placement works well as you’re holding the camera up in front of you and moving your thumb over the buttons. The record button is indented making it easy to find without really looking at the camera. You can zoom in a out easily, but the zoom is somewhat limited if you are shooting from a distance. Having the buttons back-lit really helped at the Christmas concert too (no squinting to try to make out where the buttons were) and I was able to record this:

You’ll have to excuse the shakiness. One thing I did discover that since the video screen is small it’s hard to detect hand movement when you’re holding the Flip Mino HD (and we were holding our hand up in front of us for a quite a bit). These small shaky movements seem to be exaggerated when viewing them in the editing software.

FlipShare (editing software)

A great feature of the Flip Mino HD is that it comes loaded with all the software you’ll need to edit and share your videos. The FlipShare software enabled me to trim my video clips by using a slider. Once all your clips are edited and saved to your computer, you can create a movie with either the one or multiple files. Just drop and drag them in the order you want your clips to appear, create a title and add credits, you can even include music and save. The FlipShare window has a status bar to let you know at what stage of saving your movie is at. If your movie has multiple clips, FlipShare automatically adds a dissolve treatment between each clip so the movie doesn’t seem jarring (though the smoothness of the dissolve is sometimes a little muddled on playback).

After filming distant activities, I tried a closer, one-on-one shot by recording my two daughter’s Santa wish lists (my son was at a Beaver’s Christmas party or else I’d have a clip of him also):

When I film I tend to talk and record a lot of material but I usually don’t keep most of it so editing is important. The FlipShare isn’t as easy to use as my iMovie software, but then again, my iMovie software didn’t seem that easy to use the first few times either. The FlipShare enabled me to take one clip and cut and save multiple mini clips and then put them all together into one movie.

Sharing on Youtube

One your movies are done, FlipShare gives you the option to upload right to your Youtube account (or other account) and like with making your movie, FlipShare will give you the status of how your upload is going. The only thing that’s missing with the upload is the option to add your video details (title, description, tags, categories). FlipShare adds information from Flip so if you want something different to appear you need to log into your account and update it. A minor inconvenience I guess.

Win a Flip Mino HD

As I mentioned in my original Flip post, pictures of kids are important but somethings are best on video. Capturing your child performing in their school concert (or goofing off as my son did) and the excitement when your child talks about what they want for Christmas, these things are best captured in video. Flip and Mom Central Canada want to give one of my readers their very own Flip Mino HD to record their own memories. To enter, visit my first post and comment as per that post’s instructions. After you’ve done, you can earn an bonus entry by commenting here, in this post, one thing you would record with your Flip Mino HD. And don’t forget, there’s one more Flip Friday (December 25) and therefore one more bonus entry to come.

Good luck. Let the flipping begin.

12 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Violet Smith on December 18, 2009 at 10:20 am

    I would video just about everything. Have never had a video camera but if I win this one, I am giving it to my daughter who’s camera got broken at Motley Crue concert a few months ago.


  2. I would definitely use it to record all the cute sayings that Evan has. At 2 1/2 his grasp of language is growing everyday and sometimes it is downright hilarious what he comes up with!


  3. Great write up. Don’t you love that it only takes 2 double A batteries?!…


  4. While planned video recording of major events is the obvious, the nicest thing about having a pocket video cam, like the Flip is that it is easy to carry with you where ever you go. So spontaneous become easier and easier to do. Catch your child at play in the school yard, watching him interact with his/her peers on their own turf and you will be sure to catch some perfectly delightful candid moments. Or, if you are an experimental artsy type like me, simply wear it around your neck (while recording) and leave it turned on while you walk through the mall, or go about your day. You might just catch some really quirky footage worth youtubing later. 🙂


  5. I think I would record pretty much anything if I owned a FLIP, because of its size and ease of use. My daughter sings in a Childrens Choir and they do not allow photography when they are performing (so I have no pictures of her singing) so I would def use it to record her performances.


  6. One thing I would record with my Flip Mino HD would be Christmas. With family in far flung places it would be nice to share this special time.


  7. I would record day to day life, minor things, my son reading a book to himself or humming a new song.
    I have a project 365 blog where I publish a photo per day and this project reminded me of the beauty of the every day, normal life, all the little gems that you can see if you’re paying attention.

    To really comment on your article, I like the light on your Christmas concert recording. With a room pretty dark, it’s sometimes hard to make a good photo. I think that the light quality of your video is great !


  8. Posted by FOKXXY on December 21, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    I would record my dog doing his silly dog tricks!! lol. And my son making funny faces for me. Thank you!


  9. I would record our dog. He’s getting older and I hate to imagine him gone, but I know it will happen one day. I would love to remember him as fun and sweet as he is now.


  10. I’d record the kids, because they’re monkeys and hilarious!


  11. Posted by Susan on December 23, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    I would video everything I could – from my girls to events in our life. With family in far away places it would be a great way to share our life events!


  12. Posted by Heather Garland on December 23, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    With my Flip Mino HD I would record our trips to the zoo! There is always hilarious action in the goat pen as they nibble at our clothes and hands for food and climb up on us…..it would be great to capture that. Thanks for the extra chance 🙂


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