Write a Review Wednesday: Ivy and Bean

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week I talked about Lee Weatherly and Algy Craig Hall cute monster story The Scariest Monster in the World (published by Boxer Books, an imprint of Sterling Kids Publishing). With Ivy and Bean day this Saturday (November 7), my daughter thought I should talk about the book, Ivy and Bean (age 6-10), her new favourite series (written by Annie Barrows and illustrated by Sophie Blackall, published by Chronicle Books. I have to thank Crystal from Raincoast Books for my review copy.


0811849031_normBefore seven-year old Bean met Ivy, she didn’t like her. Ivy didn’t seem like a bad girl; in fact she seemed really nice. That was the problem, in Bean’s mind nice equalled boring. But when Bean gets into a jam with her older sister Nancy, she changes her mind about Ivy when Ivy comes to her aid. Ivy share’s her secret hiding spot with Bean. Bean helps Ivy look like the part of the magician she says she is.  Together they scale fences, pretend to be sick, dig for worms and cast the dancing spell. By the end of the day, Bean and Ivy are great friends and already looking forward to their next adventure.

When I was young I remember how much I enjoyed reading a good series especially with female characters, following them from book to book on their next adventure. I’m always on the lookout for a series that might appeal to my seven-year old daughter. But she’s still young so I don’t want the subject matter to be to old, no high school drama or dating scenarios.

When I heard about Ivy and Bean I thought this would be perfect. I love that Ivy and Bean never wanted to be friends, that their moms kept trying to push them together. That’s the great thing about Ivy and Bean, they are different and the same. Between the two there is bound to be a trait or two that most girls will be able to relate to.  The black and white sketches intermingle with the story and illustrate Ivy and Bean’s personalities and the energetic adventure they take.

My daughter enjoyed reading Ivy and Bean so much she finished it within a few days.  She’s already clamouring for me to get the second book in the series:

I  loved this book. I think Ivy and Bean will be great friends. They both love having great adventures together. I love Ivy’s room and their plan to make a science lab for making potions. I’d like something like that in my room. I liked that the book included a few pages from the second book. The second book sounds great and I’ve already asked my mom if I can get it.

So far there are six books in the series, the most recent Ivy and Bean Doomed to Dance was just released. I’m pleased my daughter is excited about this series and is looking forward to reading the next book. Ivy and Bean are great characters that girls will enjoy: strong, free-spirited and fun. And since Ivy and Bean are both seven the activities they get into are all in good fun.

You can add Ivy and Bean to your personal library from Amazon.ca. Be sure to visit the Ivy and Bean website to read the first chapter of Ivy and Bean and to learn more about the other books in the series. And don’t forget Ivy and Bean day this Saturday. I know I’ll have some fun things planned. If you’re looking for some additional books  be sure to checkout previous Write a Review Wednesday posts.

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