Write a Review Wednesday: The Scariest Monster in the World

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week I wrote a review on the wonderful Halloween rhyming story Over in the Hollow, written by Rebecca Dickson and illustrated by S.britt (published by Chronicle Books). With this being the last Wednesday before Halloween, I’m still thinking about great monster stories. This week have the cute story The Scariest Monster in the World (age 3-6) by Lee Weatherly and Algy Craig Hall (published by Boxer Books, an imprint of Sterling Kids Publishing). I have to thank my friend Derry at Sterling Kids Publishing for my review copy.


scariestcoverOnce there was a very scary monster. All the animals in the world ran whenever they saw him coming. That is until the monster was hit with something terrible: hiccups! Now he needed the animals to help him. The very scary monster tried everything the animals suggested, but nothing worked. The only thing the animals thought would cure the monster’s hiccups was to scare them out. But what could scare the scariest monster in the world?

The Scariest Monster in the World is a not-so-scary monster story. The image of him on the front cover sort of gives that away. The tricks the monster goes through to try and rid himself of the dreaded hiccups made the kids giggle. What ended up curing the monster’s hiccups was a great surprise.

I loved how some words were given emphasis by showing the text large like an image. When reading I couldn’t help but make the sounds associated with these words; the large type invited me to create the sound effects. After the monster cures his hiccups, you would expect the story to end, you would expect the monster to go back to being the scariest monster in the world, but he doesn’t want to scare his new friends anymore. Not only do the animals help the monster with his hiccups, they help him to be a friend.

My kids love monster stories. This is a wonderful monster story that even my two-year old can enjoy without any scary thoughts. This is a wonderful tale of discovering friendship. I love that it shows someone who spends their life being mean can change and be accepted by others, by new friends. This is a great lesson of acceptance that all kids will enjoy.


The scariest monster in the world isn't so scary with hiccups

If you want to add The Scariest Monster in the World to your personal library, visit Amazon.ca. You can discover other great books by reading past Write a Review Wednesday posts.

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