Making a park takes work

Tuesday is upon us again, which means another adventure with my two youngest over at the Nature Centre. Last time I talked about what the kids learned about Blue Jays. Our next visit was about seeds. The Nature Centre works with High Park, a large city park, to help protect and promote the growth of natural plants and animals. When we first arrived the kids created seed balls, which are seeds embedded in the centre of clay. The loved ‘hidding’ the seeds inside the clay (which would later harden, protecting the seeds inside from animals).

Hiding the seeds inside clay balls

Hiding the seeds inside clay balls


Washing off the extra clay

After our snack and story it was time for the hike. We were going to hike to a field in the park to drop our seed balls. On the way the kids hunted for different types of seeds. They were each given a piece of felt to collect the seeds on and compare them. The councillors also pointed out the different delivery method of some seeds: sticky ones attach to animals and get deposited, some have ‘wings’ that enable them to float in the wind, some are eaten by animals and deposited in other locations (of course this last method was a favourite with the kids).


On a seed hunt in the woods


Collecting pine cones for the birds


One of the brave few to taste seeds (fuzzy lemon flavour)

Finally at the hill all the kids received their seed balls and tossed them into the field. And next Spring when we’re walking through the park, the kids will know they’ve played a part in keeping the park growing and looking beautiful. How many kids programs can you say give kids that type of ownership. I wonder what we’ll be talking about this week?


1, 2, 3, toss...making the park a more beautiful place

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