Two year olds aren’t all bad

Look at me...I'm helping.

Look at me...I'm helping.

There are many things about two year olds that drive me nuts. The need to do everything themselves, especially when you’re trying to get out the door. The mimicking of conversations that probably shouldn’t have been heard the first time. The happy/sad/angry/shy/who cares mood swings that happen within the span of two minutes. I’ve recently read Character is the Key and I understand that some of these traits are things I’ll appreciate when my daughter is an adult (I just don’t know if I can last that long).

That said, two year olds aren’t all bad. My daughter reminds me of that every day, okay, maybe every other day. One thing I like or have grown to like about my two year old is that she loves to help. Sometimes this help doesn’t come at the most convenient times: helping to sort…sock…at…a…time isn’t always helpful when I’m trying to get the laundry put away before my mother-in-law comes over and discovers you’re not that great of a house keeper after all. Sometimes the help is counterproductive: dumping all the garbage out of the bathroom trashcan to find the piece of paper at the bottom that should have been put into the recycling container instead.

But once I got past these issues and embraced the little helper I have, I find things much easier. By letting my daughter help rake leaves or set the table or put things in the garbage, she feels like she’s doing her part. And I know that if I need an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom or a garbage bag downstairs, my youngest will get it and without any huffing or sighing.

And secretly I hope by involving her now she’ll continue to love helping when she’s older. Okay, maybe that’s unrealistic, but we all need to dream.

2 responses to this post.

  1. And mine was polar opposite day in 19 month old land….
    She was just down right moody….highs and lows….all day.
    So I envy your good day.


  2. That is always such a challenge for me. They want to help, but it makes things take SO long! 🙂


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