Getting into routine

Summer! Summer! Summer!

Summer! Summer! Summer!

During the summer we able to sleep a little longer and get up a little later; we travelled more and ate out; we didn’t worry about homework. We all had a little more free time to do things we wanted to do. Then September came along which meant the end of summer vacation and the start of school. It also meant getting back into a regular routine: no more late nights, back to getting up with the birds; no more hanging out in our PJs or yesterday’s clothes, back to keeping on top of the laundry; no more eating when we want, back to making snacks and lunches ahead of time.

You can guess we’ve been having a hard time in our house getting back into routines. The kids aren’t the only ones. I’ve been late walking over to pick-up the kids almost 5 of the 10 school days (remember my encounter with the school secretary?) I’ve volunteered to handle the Scholastic’s orders for my son’s kindergarten class. My hope is this will keep me in his teacher’s good graces for all those late days.

But I don’t dread all routines. I’m actually excited to start my EA Sports Active workout routine again. I know at some point we’ll be back on track again. The big question is when. Hopefully before the kids are off on their Christmas break.

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  1. I love routine, it keeps me organized. My son started kindergarten this year so its weird to have to fit his things in too.



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