Three truths I can wait for my children to learn

Do they have to grow up?

Do they have to grow up?

I can’t believe my oldest is now seven. Okay, seven really isn’t that old in the whole cycle of life I suppose. But it seems old(er) when I think of her as a small baby. Seems like just yesterday. Getting to a moment seems like an eternity, until you reach it and then it’s gone in a flash.

My daughter isn’t that baby anymore. Along with loosing baby fat, baby talk and baby teeth there will be the loss of innocents. I don’t mean that kind of innocents. I mean the child-like wonder that all kids have that eventually seems to erode away as they are exposed to the outside world more and more.

Although I’m excited to see all my children grow and develop, there are a few truths I’d rather they never learn:

  1. Mom and dad are actually the Tooth Fairy – The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, all those mythical characters that kids believe in and make the holidays delightful. I know one day my oldest will clue in, if she hasn’t already. I think she has some suspicions about the Tooth Fairy, though I don’t think she’ll admit them for fear of loosing out on the reward. I dread the disbelief in Santa Clause and not wanting to write letters to him anymore. So many of our fun holiday traditions rely on these beliefs and I’m not ready to give up on those yet.
  2. Mom and dad don’t actually know everything – I know, another misconception. And yes, it is hard to live up to. But there’s a great feeling of sharing and helping and molding and just being a parent when your child asks you about everything. And yes, being asked the same question over and over again can become frustrating and trying to answer a question when you don’t know the answer (or when there isn’t an answer) can be difficult. But one day my kids will start asking their teachers and friends and strangers about things and stop asking me. Another step towards independence that I’m not ready for.
  3. The outside world isn’t like kindergarten – My kids love school. They love their friends and learning new things. School to them is what the outside world is like. But I know there will come a time, many actually, when things won’t be all fun happy games and laughing friends. I dread the tears that will come when a best friend doesn’t want to be a best friend anymore or when someone does something mean and hurtful just because they can. No parent wants to see their child sad or crushed, no matter how much it’s apart of growing up.

These are just three fears that have been swirling around in my head lately. I’m sure if given time I could think of more. It’s too bad these truths have to be part of growing up. And some might say that learning these is just a way of developing independance and personal identity, a step toward adult hood. But if you ask me, wouldn’t we as adults have more fun in life if we still wrote letters to Santa or didn’t have to deal with hurtful individuals. Heck, maybe if we didn’t have to learn these truths there would be less hurtful people in the world to deal with. Well, it’s a nice dream.

Are there any truths you wish your children didn’t have to learn?

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  1. Posted by theremustbmore on September 17, 2009 at 8:54 am

    Great post. I have 3 kids who already know some of the truths and am waiting for the other three to find out 😦 The older ones try to convince the younger ones, but they still believe Mommy over their brothers and sisters 😉


  2. Oh there are so many things I want to protect my daughter from. Someone needs to invent bubble wrap for kids so we can keep them safe from everything. Or maybe it’s just us parents who need the bubble wrap so it doesn’t hurt so much when reality hits.


  3. I’m just hoping that they always appreciate the mystique of Santa and appreciate cool stuff like that.


  4. I don’t look forward to when the kids don’t ‘believe’ anymore…


  5. Your 3rd fear brought tears to my eyes. My daughter is currently in kindergarten and loves it! So your fear just became mine! But we love Disney world and both my kids still believe those are the real characters. I don’t want to even think about them knowing the truth. I am booking a trip right after this while they still believe!!


  6. […] Flyers now have big holes in them from the kids cutting out pictures to include in their letters. I know one day their belief in the jolly fat man will wain so I’m enjoying the moment while it lasts. I can’t imagine what Christmas will be like […]


  7. […] Flyers now have big holes in them from the kids cutting out pictures to include in their letters. I know one day their belief in the jolly fat man will wain so I’m enjoying the moment while it lasts. I can’t imagine what Christmas will be like […]


  8. […] And of course like with our own childhood, they will grow-up and their belief will be overtaken by reality and skepticism. […]


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