Review: EA Sports Active for the Wii

eas logoYou would think with three young kids I’d be in the best shape of my life. I mean, I always seem to be running around with them or after them. And actually, if I’m completely honest, it’s not that I’m over weight. It’s more like the weight I have is distributed in the wrong areas. But it’s hard to find the time to get out to the gym and even if I could, I’d feel too self conscious about myself to go.

Then I heard about EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for the Wiifrom blogger and original 30 Day Challenge participant Renee of Cutie Booty Cakes. I actually received a copy from her for supporting her during her challenge. Thanks again Renee.

Home Gym

The EA Sports Active works on your Wiigaming system. This meant I could workout in the privacy of my own home, on my schedule. Along with the disc you get a tension strap and a leg holster. I was a little bothered that I had to tie the handles onto the tension strap myself, but since you only do it once it’s not such a big deal. The leg holster has a Velcro adjustment to allow for varying thigh sizes. It even comes with an extension piece if you thigh is a little larger.

If you’re like me and have a skin on your nunchuck you need to remove it in order to slide the nunchuck into the leg holster during your various workouts (and you’ll have to do this a few times during one routine). I think I might investigate in a wireless nunchuck though. A few times the connector wire would get caught on parts of me depending on the workout.

eas box

Wii Fit Board

If you already own the Wii Fit board you can adjust your EA Sports Active settings to include workouts with it, but it’s not required to do any of the workouts. And actually, I found using the Wii Fit board didn’t really add much  benefit either. In my opinion the EA Sports Active program doesn’t really use the Wii Fit Board to it’s full potential. So I’d just skip it.


Unlike most in-home workout programs, the EA Sports Activeis customizable in many different ways to meet your needs. You can choose if you would prefer a male or female trainer to guide you through your workout, you can customize your Mii character to best represent yourself on screen (including clothing and physical appearance), but the best part is customizing your workout.

Want to work on your upper body? There’s a workout for that. Want to work on your lower body? There’s a workout for that. Getting ready for a marathon? There’s even a workout for that. In total there are roughly 80 different preset workout routines to choose from including light, medium and heavy intensity levels. And if that’s not enough for you, you can customize your own workout. This makes EA Sports Active a great fitness program for beginners as well as seasoned exercise enthusiasts. And like any workout there’s a warm-up and cool down.

Personal Trainer

For each new exercise your trainer will appear on screen to demonstrate how the exercise is done (you can skip this if you wish). Your trainer remains on screen, in a small window in the top right corner, during some of the more standard exercises, like arm curls, giving you instructions on what to do next or what rep you’re on. Plus she’ll also give you lots of encouragement as you progress. You’ll also see your Mii on screen mimicking your moves from the readings it gets from the Wii-mote and nunchuck.

Fitness Fun

Along with standard exercises like arm curls and side lunges, EA Sports Activealso includes fun fitness activities. Give your legs a workout by jumping ramps while inline skating or doing round kicks to the hanging bag. Work on your upper body with some boxing or tennis. Even going for a run happens on a virtual outside track.



30 Day Workout Challenge

One of my favourite features is the 30 Day Workout Challenge. After you choose your workout intensity, adjust your music and set your goals (calories to burn, etc.), you are given a complete workout routine to follow for the next 30 days. Each day you’re given a summary of the types of exercises you’ll do as well as the estimated length and calorie burn. As you complete stages you earn virtual tropies too, a nice pat on the back.


I love this system. I’m able to do it during my schedule. The customization is amazing and the workouts are fun. I’ve already done two of the 30-Day Challenges (you can see my diary from my first challenge) and I’mlooking forward to getting into my third Challenge next week when my two oldest head off to school. This is actually an exercise routine I’ve been able to keep on top of.

And now EA Sports Active is looking at introducing an additional disc this November, adding more routines to enhance your workout plus a new 6 Week Challenge. I can’t wait.

You can get your own copy of EA Sports Active from or other retailers. Finally exercise that is fun.

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