Here a blog, there a blog

So you’ve been reading my blog and you still want more? Well, do you know I also have a blog over at Everything Mom? It’s called And another thought and it covers, well, other thoughts, thoughts usually not found here.

For example:

The downside to kids that read

I know reading is important and all parents encourage their kids and are thrilled when their kids can read well on their own. But there are drawbacks. read more

Creating space for kids

I took a course at Mothercraft with the crazy notion of opening my own in home daycare. Well, obviously that didn’t happen but the course wasn’t a complete waste. I gathered some great tips on how to set-up play/learning space for multi-aged kids. read more

I’m f@#king angry

It’s bound to happen. No matter how careful you are around your kids, one of those words are going to come out of your mouth. And if not your mouth, someone elses. And next thing you know it’s coming out of your child’s mouth. read more

Things I swore I’d never say as a parent

There were many things my parent said when I was young that I’m sure I didn’t agree with. And I remember, like all kids, saying I’d never say these things to my kids when I was a mom. Well, I’m a mom now. read more

If you enjoy these random thoughts, be sure to visit my blog And another thought for more randomness.  You can also subscribe to the blogs feed also

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  1. […] other amazing ladies. I even learned how to deal with ignorant parents with the help of my son. I started an additional blog on Michelle’s mom site Everything Mom.  Michelle also gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and offered me the position of Review Editor […]


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