Write a Review Wednesday: Pinkalicious

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week I wrote a review on Colleen Sydor‘s and Nicolas Debon‘s heartwarming tale Timmerman Was Here thanks to my friend Sylvia from Tundra Books (@TundraBooks). It’s almost time for my two oldest to head back to school so for this weeks review I asked my oldest to pick out her favourite Scholastic book from her personal library.


Going back to school means shopping for school supplies, getting up early and peanut-free lunches. But in our house it also means Scholastic Books (@scholastic). As the class rep (aka, teacher’s helper) I was able to see the catalogs first and the kids love going through them. So my daughter pulled out her Scholastic favourite Pinkalicious, written by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann and illustrated by Victoria Kann (age 4-8).

To escape boredom on a rainy day a young girl’s mom makes pink cupcakes, yummy cupcakes, PINKALICIOUS cupcakes! She eats one and then another and then another until her belly turns the colour of a sunset. Dad is upset. Mom is worried. But the little girl is so happy she cries (pink tears), ‘I’m PINKERBELLE‘.

After a bath in industrial strength soap and a misunderstanding with birds, bees and butterflies in the park, a trip to the doctor’s office is in order. But when the little girl refuses to follow doctor’s orders, things go from bad to worse.

As kids we’ve all heard the expression ‘you are what you eat’ and Pinkalicious illustrates this wonderfully by turning a little girl pink from eating too many pink cupcakes. I love that the little girl is happy with her transformation, at first. Any child would understand the little girl’s initial thrill. I’m sure my kids would love to wake up and find out they were made of chocolate. That is until the cats decide to eat them. And just like my kids, the little pink girl soon starts to regret her new skin shade.

My kids delight in listening to this story. My son loves the little brother ending and my oldest daughter loves when the little girl forces herself to gag down all sorts of green foods. Of course my daughter can’t understand why she doesn’t want to eat all those wonderful green foods. I love how shades of pink appear in the illustrates beyond in just the little girl’s skin colour.

Our copy of Pinkalicious is only available through the Scholastic school market, but you can get a version from Amazon.ca to add to your personal library.

If you’re looking for other reading ideas, you can view previous Write a Review Wednesday posts.

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