Review: Lovable Labels for Back to School

It feels like summer has just started but for some reason when August comes around I can’t help but start thinking about school and back-to-school shopping.

Water bottles. Check.
Lunch bags. Check.
Indoor shoes. Check.
Lunch containers. Check.

I think I’ve bought everything my kids will need for school, at least for the first week. I was just about to go out and buy my back-up supplies, you know, for when the kids misplace or lend out or lose theirs, when I was offered the chance to review Lovable Labels.

bearLovable Labels, a Canadian company started by Laura Porreca, produce colourful, personalized labels made in Canada and designed to stick to the supplies of even the most active child. Well anything that helps me to keep track of my kids stuff (and ultimately saves me from buying replacement supplies) has my attention.

From the Lovable Labels website I was able to personalize my labels by choosing a colour and an icon along with entering a name of up to twenty characters.  Since I have two kids going back to school, a girl and a boy, I decided to choose something generic, a nice red maple leaf and I personalized it with our last name (it’s not a common one). Two weeks later my Back-to-School Mega Pack arrived and included a large variety of labels for all my kids back to school needs: 15 regular sticker labels, 60 slimline sticker, 16 shoe labels, 12 large clothing dots, 12 medium clothing dots, 24 medium clothing dots, 2 mini metal tags, and 5 binder stickers. I loved that each type of lable was enclosed in it’s own package with very clear and easy to follow instructions.

The Back-to-School Mega Pack has everything you will need

The Back-to-School Mega Pack has everything you will need

Labels designed to stick on almost any surface

The labels are made with a special ‘perma-grip’ backing that enables them to stick to almost any surface (pencils, markers, water bottles, shoes, you name it). The labels arrived just as my two oldes were getting ready for camp, a perfect way to test them before school started. I used the metal tags on the lunch bags. They were easy to attach, but sadly the chains somehow became disconnected on both lunch bags during the first day. That was the only item that gave me a problem. I used the slimeline stickers on water bottles, lunch containers, sunscreen bottles, a notepad and pen, even the fork I packed in their lunch. They were so easy to apply. Plus they are UV resistanct and dishwasher and microwave safe, a real plus for lunch containers. We washed the lunch containers, forks and water bottles every day and the labels never budged and retained their bright colouring.

Keep track of your kids expensive footwear this school year

The shoe labels are great for gym shoes, rubber boots, snow boots, indoor shoes, all that expensive footwear your kids require and take off and put on many times during the school day. I put the shoe labels on my kids sneakers as well as their crocs. The labels went on like a second skin. The kids didn’t feel anything, even on the crocs with barefeet. And they stayed on. My son is rough on all his shoes and I didn’t have any peeling or even slipage of the labels.

No iron required

My favourite item in the Back-to-School Mega Pack is by far the clothing dots. They come in three different sizes allowing for the different sized labels that appear on jackets, extra shirts, sweaters, swimsuits and so on. The best part is you don’t have to iron them on like most clothing labels, which is good because I don’t know if I remember how to use my iron. You just peel them off and press them on to the size or washing instructions label. You can’t attach them to the actual fabric but most clothing items have a washing label that is sewn on the shirt. I just stuck it here. You can however stick them directly to the lining on windbreakers and snowsuits. We used these in hats too. I washed and dried my kids camp shirts every night with these labels and they came out looking new each time.

Label all your kids stuff for school

Label all your kids stuff for school

They have a label for that too

Having given these labels a real workout, I’m feeling pretty confident in sending my kids to school with just one set of school supplies this year. They are easy to use, offer great customizable options and still retain their newness after using and washing countless times. I tried out their Back-to-School Mega Pack, which is only available until September 30, but Lovable Labels has countless other label options for your home, allergy allert wristbands, bag tags and even personalized stationary. Visit to see the extent of their products.

Special savings just for you

School is about to start, but there still is time to order labels for your kids. And Lovable Labels has kindly offered my readers a 10% discount on any purchase made between August 17 to August 31, 2009. All you need to do to get your savings is include the discount code ‘anotherday’ on your order form. They will ship anywhere and everywhere.

Enjoy the new school year ahead!


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  1. Thanks for the great post! Enjoy the labels – you will become addicted. LOL


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