They scream for Ice-Cream

Every day this week, right at 4pm, like clockwork, the ice-cream truck pulls up outside the community centre where my two oldest kids are attending summer camp. Every day at 4pm I have to come up with some excuse why we’re not stopping at the ice-cream truck. So Thursday night I agreed that on Friday, the last day of the kids first week of camp, we would make an ice-cream truck stop after camp.

Friday morning arrives. I wake my son up, all excited because he was going swimming with his camp today. And the first thing out of his mouth: We’re going to the ice-cream truck today.

My son’s camp finishes thirty minutes before my daughter’s so we have to wait. There’s no way I’m taking only 1 of my kids for ice-cream. I’d never hear the end of it. Thirty minutes passes and no big kid camp. Forty-five minutes, still no kids. Finally almost sixty minutes later my daughter’s camp arrives. We rush out and to great dismay the ice-cream truck has left.

My kids are devistated. And of course this is my fault. My son whines that I should have bought him ice-cream when his camp ended and the truck was here. My daughter whines that I should have bought her ice-cream earlier and saved it for her (yeah, ice-cream, in the sun, for sixty minutes!). Walking home with three very unhappy kids, we see a welcoming sign: 7-Eleven!

So I offer my kids a choice of ice-cream from the freezer in the convenience store (now I know why they’re called convenience stores).

Now that's the way to end the week

Now that's the way to end the week

It may not be soft serve swirly ice-cream with sprinkles on top, but my kids seemed just as content with the store bought variety. And next time I won’t promise the ice-cream truck unless I’m standing in front of it, money in hand, ready to buy.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Posted by herewegomoms on August 15, 2009 at 10:12 am

    I hate it when things like that happen…I promise something with the best of intentions, then something completely out of my control ruins the plan! Glad you found an alternative that saved the day!


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