Write a Review Wednesday: Timmerman Was Here

Welcome to another Write a Review Wednesday, a meme started by Tara Lazar as a way to show support to authors of kids literature. Last week I wrote a review on Pierre Burton‘s The Secret World of Og, one of my favourite books from my childhood. This week I have a new release from   Tundra Books (@TundraBooks) courtesy of my friend Sylvia.


timmermancoverIf you were to think about who your friends are  now, you would probably recall your first meeting them and the feeling you had knowing you were meant to be friends. And most friendships, adult and child, are probably started like that. In Tundra Books  Timmerman Was Here, written by Colleen Sydor and illustrated by Nicolas Debon (age 4-8) we find out if it is possible to find a friend out of someone you don’t want to be friends with? 

I had not intended to like Timmerman. In fact, I was stubbornly determined not to.

When a stranger named Timmerman moves into a young girls home, her granddad’s now vacant room, she decides right at the start she isn’t going to like him. But after a few weeks, Timmerman’s gentle nature and an act of kindness win the young girl over. Then the gossip and rumors start. It seems that some people in the town have seen Timmerman walking the streets late at night with a shovel and a dirty sack. Hiding stolen money? Burying dead cats? Now the young girl has to decide whether to follow her gut feelings about her new friend or believe the stories she hears.

My kids enjoyed this book. Even at their young age they know about rumors and the affect they can have on everyone involved. This was a great story to help illustrate that you shouldn’t judge others based on passing gossip, even though my son did enjoy guessing what Timmerman was carrying in his bag. I love how Colleen Sydor shows that friendship isn’t always black and white. We’d like to think we would stick-up for our friends, but sometimes we fall pray to doubt. The young girls internal struggle between believing in her friend and what others are saying demonstrates this beautifully, innocently. And Nicolas Debon‘s use of dark colours in many of the illustrations add to the stories mysterious feel.


Timmerman with his spade & dirty sack

Timmerman Was Here is a simple story based on a timeless tale of friendship and following your heart. The book is scheduled for release September 8, 2009. You can pre-order it from Amazon.ca and add it to your own personal library.

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