Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumb’s Other Half

We had a play structure installed in our backyard when I was expecting my third child (so my older kids could play while I was laying on the ground enjoying my morning sickness). It’s really come in handy. Like yesterday for example. I had some work to do in the backyard so I took my two youngest with me to play (I worked, they played). My son is a wanna-be circus clown and his younger sister is a wanna-be in training. I guess I should have been paying better attention:

This is actually tame for the two of them. In case you can’t make it out, they’re sliding down on the front half of a child’s plastic wheelbarrow. I say front half because my ‘clever’ son figured out the back half slows you down and therefore removed it. I usually give the kids a little leeway when it comes to playing in the backyard since the school playground has so many rules. But really if you think about the school rules, they’ re in place for a reason, so kids don’t do ridiculous things that get themselves killed. So of course I had to give the speech that what they were doing was dangerous, but not before I captured it on video (I guess that makes me Tweedle Dumb Mum).

Enjoy your weekend!

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