Nothing a little bribe can’t fix

Walking home from dropping my oldest daughter off at camp we ran into another mom. She had suggested a playdate with her kids, a riding playdate. After a conversation through her car window we were all in agreement, I’d take my two youngest to meet up with her and her two kids in the local school yard for some bike riding together.

I’ve been pretty neglectful at getting my kids out to the playground to practice on their bikes. I thought this would be a great excuse to get out. Of course I had forgotten my husband had taken the training wheels off my son’s bike. This meant he couldn’t ride it to the playground, instead he had to walk it. Well you’d think I was asking him to pull the van down the street with a rope gripped between his teeth while he walked over broken glass barefoot. We were just past the neighbour’s yard when he moaned about needing a break (insert rolling eyes and heavy sighs, his not mine).

And then you have my youngest who insists on walking her own bike. I didn’t want to discourage her, but after ten minutes and three steps forward I politely suggested that I’d carry her bike to the playground and she could walk or ride it around there. Thankfully she agreed.

Well the biking playdate didn’t last long. The playdate part did, the biking part didn’t. My son doesn’t have much patience so the fact that he couldn’t get on his bike and race through an obstacle course of trees in the playground on his first ride discouraged him immensely. Let’s just say the bike was told off a few times.

After an hour and a half of fooling around in the playground I convinced my two kids it was time to go (I still had to pick my oldest daughter up). Right on cue my son delivered his frustration on having to walk his bike home. I was tired. I wanted to get home. So I did what any mom in my position would have done…I bribed him with food. If he walked his bike home without an complaints he could have a freezie. And you know what happened? He discovered that walking his bike home wasn’t as bad as climbing up a hill of army ants. Food is an amazing motivator. Maybe next time I’ll dangle a freezie on a stick in front of my son’s bike.

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