Foto Friday: Carrots are still Carrots

Happy Foto Friday.

It’s time for another Candid Carrie’s Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. Hope over to her blog to see other camera clickers. This week is all about those picky eaters out there:

You can't fool me

You can't fool me

Carrots are still Carrots: My two year old is at that stage where she doesn’t eat much during the day. I’m lucky if I can get her to sit at the table for a full five minutes. Since she doesn’t eat much, I (try to) make an effort in what she has access to eating; making sure she gets enough fruits and vegetables. But along with her limited food intake, she’s also developed a picky side. Like most parents desperate to get their kids to eat well, I’ve employed tricks. My daughter is a big fan of eating trees (broccoli florettes). She had no interest in them until we called them mini trees (thank you Gisele on TVO kids). I can’t explain it, but you don’t question what works.

So on to conquer other vegetables. One of our favourite children’s book authors is Lauren Child. Her Lola and Charlie book I’ll will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato is a great book about picky eaters. We tried to employ the tricks big brother Charlie used to get little sister Lola to eat foods she doesn’t like (and there are a lot of them). One dinner, with the help of my other two kids, we tried to convince our youngest that Orange Twigglers from the Cat Planet (a.k.a. carrots) were indeed delicious. But she taught us a lesson: A carrot known by any other name still tastes like a carrot. Yuck! Well you can’t will them all.


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  1. How about if you saute them w/ a little brown sugar or orange glaze? My kids love carrots that way.

    She sure is cute!!


  2. Yum! My two love carrots especially with a little bit of ranch!


  3. My kids like their carrots cooked so that they are easy to chew. Sometimes I’ll cook up a batch then put them back in the fridge for a cool treat. Plus a little bit of ranch dressing (dip) goes a long way.


  4. I know what to try on that beautiful blue-eyed girl…how ’bout some POPrs? You should visit me and check it out. POPrs really do make veggies sing!


  5. My 3-yr-old surprised me by liking raw carrots (I never liked them as a kid myself) but it has to be with ranch dressing. Over time he’s learned not to just suck the dressing off the carrots but to eat them too! He especially likes that they give him “strong teeth” (because I told him that… anything that makes him big and strong is alright by him)… and he loves to show me exactly how strong they’re making his teeth…. during the foodfest! Gross! 😉


  6. Posted by herewegomoms on July 10, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    We eat “trees” at our house too. My girls like carrots, and recently started coming and taking them raw when I was chopping them. So I thought I would just serve some raw carrots at a meal. WRONG! I was quickly informed that it was not a good thing to do, and we had a power struggle over eating the carrots. (I won!) Anyway, my younger one will eat a whole raw carrot (pretending she is a bunny, of course). At least she’s eating them.

    This must be a food themed day! Ribs sound yummy to me too!


  7. My suggestion is a little salad of grated carrot mixed with grated cheese!


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