Review: A Practical Guide to Raising Two, Three and Four Year Olds

Even after having three kids (7, 5, 2), I find I still don’t have all the answers on this whole mother thing. Just when I seem to have things sorted out and under control with number one, number two comes along and all my previous knowledge seems to go out the window. Toss in number three and I feel like I’m starting from scratch.

Then I read on Twittermoms about the book Triumphant Child: A Practical Guide to Raising Two, Three and Four Year Olds, I was intrigued. Leading US Pediatrician Dr. Olson Huff, together with his daughter-in-law and child development specialist, Nicole Rawson-Huff, wanted to provide parents with practical skills and steps to raising self-confident and resilient children. Working with five other experts they compiled this practical guidebook for parents.

The book is broken into seven key sections:

Section 1: About Your Child – gives you a brief overview of your two, three and four year old’s physical, language and social development, as well as practical tips, suggested books and toys.

Section 2: Parenting the Triumphant Child – details some tried and true ‘parenting skills’ parents can follow for raising a triumphant child.

Section 3: Routines – illustrates the importance of a instilling routines in your child’s day and includes some great morning, bedtime and mealtime routine suggestions.

Section 4: Challenges – addresses common challenges parents face, such as defiance, whining and sibling rivalry to name a few, and offers constructive ways to handle and in some cases avoid them.

Section 5: Changes –  talks about how and why changes, like divorce or a new baby, effect kids and how parents can work through them with their children.

Section 6: Fears and Anxieties – explains a child’s fears, like nightmares or shyness, and how parents can help their child deal with them.

Section 7: Media – deals with the ever present concerns parents have about how media, such as TV and video game usage, effects their children.

The content is organized to make it easy for parents to get the information they need, quickly. Important tips are highlighted in bullet points and the book’s structure makes it easy for parents to jump to a relevant content quickly.

Need help dealing with your son’s refusal to have his hair washed? Flip to page 88:

He may feel comfortable having his hair rinsed by a hand-held shower attachment.

Concerned about the amount of time your child spends in front of the television? Flip to page 213:

Keep the television off when you have finished watching. This seems like common sense, but many parents of young children have the TV going constantly in the background.

Looking to help your older child adjust to the arrival of the new baby? Flip to page 164:

If you are planning to move your child to a new room or into a bed, make sure you do it well ahead of the baby’s birth.

The book’s material is structured to work with parents, helping them raise their kids in a loving and caring environment. The book offers many suggestions without sounding preachy. In addition to the expert’s tips, real stories from real parents are also included to illustrate each scenario. I know that as a parent I sometimes feel that I must be doing something wrong and I’m the only one having these struggles with my kids. These anecdotes illustrate that I’m not alone, that other parents have encountered similar problems and questions and have found ways to deal with them in a non-threatening and caring way.

Whether you have one child or five, Triumphant Child: A Practical Guide to Raising Two, Three and Four Year Olds is a worthwhile book to add to your personal parenting library (available on the Sixty Second Parent website).

Want to win a copy?

Checkout Triumphant Child’s blog post on Twittermoms to find out how you can win a copy of the book Triumphant Child: A Practical Guide to Raising Two, Three and Four Year Olds, the book Window of Childhood, and the DVD A Country Remedy. Contest ends July 31, 2009.

Happy Parenting.

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