Just five more minutes

Oh, I don't have this one!

Oh, I don't have this one!

Yes, it’s true, I’m a selfless mom who puts her needs and desires behind that of her loving and caring family. What? You don’t believe me? It’s true, well when it comes to shopping that is. You can stop rolling your eyes now. The truth is, I hate buying for myself. I’m not sure why. It will probably come out in one of my therapy sessions later in life, some tragic prepubescent training bra shopping experience. I’m really bad with the whole shopping for me thing. If it wasn’t for my loving husband, I probably wouldn’t even have new underwear (thanks honey).

Okay, maybe my issue isn’t shopping but what I’m shopping for. I don’t seem to have this problem when it comes to bookstores, just  make sure I don’t have cash, debit or credit cards on me. Even without money I can spend an entire day there. And it doesn’t matter what the material is: books for kids, travel guides, new releases, cooking books, parenting guides, even magazines. I start in one end of the store and work my way around. Then throw one of those shiny SALE stickers on and all of a sudden I absolutely  need that copy of ‘Learn to Sing Your Multiplication Tables in Spanish’.

So it really comes as no surprise that I ended up buying gift cards for the bookstore as gifts for the kids teachers this year. I know, gift cards are so impersonal, but they gave me the justifiable excuse to buy $100 of other reading material just for me (shh). Makes me wonder what came first: my interest in writing instilled my love of books or the other way around.

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  1. If I was a teacher, I would want nothing more than a GC to a bookstore! If I could spend countless hours in one place, it would be a bookstore. I have loved books for as long as I can remember – I remember when I was in grade 3 and my mom bought me Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, and she came and gave it to me while I was in the basement playing and I started reading it that night (Perhaps I was in Grade 4?) and since then, my love affiar with books began. I still remember the book, it was green. I wish I still had that original copy! And of course, I went through the whole Baby Sitter’s Club and Sweet Valley phase, but I always read other books, too. I read Wuthering Heights when I was in England when I was 15 years old! I’m sure I’d have more of an appreciation for it if I read it now, though. I just thought it would be neat to read that book IN England!


  2. I’m always happy to receive a GC to a bookstore, too. Just knowing that I can use it to pick out a book feels good, and I savor the book selection process.

    What have you like most out of the books you’ve read this year?

    Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting on Starting Fresh. I hadn’t mentioned in my post that I’m holding a giveaway for I HATE PEOPLE. In case you’re interested, here’s the link




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