Beyond Harry Potter

As the new Harry Potter movie is due in theatres this summer, we’ve been watching all the previous films as a refresher. I’ll admit, I’ve never read the books but I’m a big fan of the movies.

As we were watching the first movie seeing Alan Rickman in the role of Professor Severus Snape, one of my favourite characters I might add, I was reminded of another movie of his I really enjoy. Then I started to think about other characters in the Harry Potter film and the other movies they have done:

Alan Rickman (plays Professor Severus Snape) – Truely, Madly, Deeply (1990): A woman looses her husband and tries to deal with the grief, but her husband’s ghost (Alan Rickman) can’t bring himself to leave her. A great movie.

Maggie Smith (plays Professor Minerva McGonagall) – Gosford Park (2001): A murder mystery surrounded by the  examination of the English class structure of master vs. servant. Maggie Smith plays a member of the upper class society, which she does quite well.

Robbie Coltraine (Rubeus Hagrid) – Cracker (1993-95): Not a movie, but a great murder mystery TV series. Robbie Coltraine plays a psychologist called on by the police to solve local murders.

John Hurt (Mr. Olivander) – A Man for all Seasons (1966): During the time of Henry the Eighth and his battle with the catholic church around divorce, one man holds on to his morals and stands against him. John Hurt doesn’t play a big role, but this is still one of the movies I think of him in.

Julie Walters (Molly Weasley) – Calendar Girls (2003): The Woman’s Institute (of which Julie Walters plays one of the more adventurous women with Helen Mirrim) decides to take a new spin on the annual WI calendar by posing nude.

So it looks like after I get through the Harry Potter movies, I’ll be pretty busy watching these. And maybe you’ll check out one or two of these yourself.

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