They Like Me, They Really Like Me

I’m so excited, I received my first blog award this week from Venessa (@parrish09) at A Military Wife’s Mayhem. Okay, maybe it’s not a blog award but I still feel all mushy inside.

My first award

My first award

So as recipient of this great honesty award, I now need to tell you 10 truths about me:

  1. I own 2 ukulele’s and a piano and don’t play either (though I’m trying to learn)
  2. I learned the military alphabet code and how to play the bosun pipe in the Navy League (I think I still have my pipe buried in a box somewhere)
  3. I’ve never broken a bone in my body (knock on wood)
  4. I can eat one cookie or sliver of cake and be content, but hand me a bag of chips and it will be gone before you sit down beside me
  5. I’ve been to an x-files convention
  6. Growing up I never wanted to get married or have kids (I actually tried to avoid it) and now look at me
  7. I love to write and try to everyday, though sometimes it’s just a grocery list
  8. I don’t think I’ve lived in one house for more then 5 years my whole life
  9. I hate water chestnuts and tomatoes (I can’t even fain interest for my kids sake)
  10. I have a file with all the rejection letters I’ve received from book publishers and magazine editors and I’m working toward adding an acceptance letter someday

And now I forward this award on to the following bloggers (for them to reveal their little truths to us too):

Now I’m off to toast myself and find a mantel for my new award.

4 responses to this post.

  1. My 1st award! I heart you!


  2. Okay the whole X-Files convention?? i really couldn’t leave here with out mentioning some sort of HUH? to that!!

    I think the best part is I’m not sure I’ve seen the others on your list.. how cool to find some new peeps to stalk!



  3. Yay for your award! I hope to read about your acceptance letter from you one day!


  4. Thanks for the award! I think. ; ) I’ll have to post soon and pass on the “award love”!


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