Foto Friday: Lego Cookies

Happy Foto Friday

Another Friday and I’m participating again with Candid Carrie’s Friday Foto Finish Fiesta (you can see a list of other participants on Carrie’s blog). Lately we’re all about Lego at our house:

Build with them, then eat them

Build with them, then eat them

Lego Cookies: On a recent trip to Disneyworld we visited the large Lego store in Downtown Disney. Lego is big in our house, always will be. We have buckets of blocks, no, buckets of buckets of blocks. Large Duplo. Small Lego. The different sets work together well just like my three kids when they’re playing with them. So at the Lego store I found a cookie roller, like one of those pasta rollers or cutters. It’s designed to cut Lego blocks. So I made a batch of shortbread Lego Cookies. The kids loved them. And even though they’re cookies and don’t really work like Lego, that didn’t stop my son from building structures and towers for his Lego guys. Then he promptly ate them (the cookies, not the guys).

3 responses to this post.

  1. They look so yummy!!


  2. 1, Must get one of these. I love all things lego, I’ll bet you could color the dough and have an all Lego birthday party for a kid, right? Like a party for my kid because he actually dreams in Lego.

    2. Sure I got up the effin’ FFFF but I am so effin’ stressed it felt good to do something normal 😉

    3. Send chocolate.


  3. oh what a fun idea! I’ll have to remember this one!


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