Going to Church doesn’t Give You a Free Pass

I’ll start off by saying I am a Catholic. I go to church, though maybe not as regularly as I should (or as often as my mom would like me to). My kids attend a Catholic Elementary School. Why am I telling you this you’re wondering. I just want you to know that I’m not anti-religion. Okay, now that we’re all clear on that…

Why do some people think having religion puts them on a level higher than anyone else?

Have you met these people? I have. They go to church every Sunday dressed in their finest and sit prime and proper and quiet for their allotted hour. That’s not the part that bugs me (though I don’t think church is meant to be a fashion parade). It’s when these same people are outside of church. It’s the part of them that spreads nasty comments or rumours about a co-worker or neighbour or even just a stranger on the street. It’s the part of them that takes advantage of those they feel as less worthy than themselves and then out and out lie about doing it. It’s the part of them that quotes biblical passages to justify why another person should be treated like crap, though funny enough these same passages never seem to apply to them.

I’ve encountered this ruthless religious person, religious people. I hold them responsible for ruing the lives of people I know and in one case, ending the life of someone very close to me. Then these same people go back to church after their week of havoc and say a Hail Mary or Our Farther and feel free to go on another week with hatred and meanness in their hearts. And you know what the worse part is? What the scary part is? They don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. They think they have a special spot in Heaven reserved just for them. I’m sure they’re right about having a reserved spot, I just think they’re looking in the wrong direction. Of course that doesn’t make it any easier watching them succeed at the expense of others.

I always thought religion was suppose to be about love and support and kindness to others. I must be following a different religion.

I have to thank Tatiana (@averygoodyear). This isn’t a new thought. It’s been something that’s been bugging me for awhile now. Her tweet on religion yesterday gave me the gumption to sit and write this today.

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  1. Amen!


    There is nothing worse than a person with a mean spirit who thinks they are better than people because of their relationship with God. I am thinking of just such a person now…


  2. I think you make an incredibly important point here. Being religious isn’t just about spouting words, it’s about leading a life that follows those basic ideals. I REALLY try to follow the Golden Rule in everything I do. Sometimes I fall flat, but I realize that I am a flawed person. I believe that, regardless of where you fall on the religious devotion spectrum, your ultimate responsibility is to YOURSELF and your FAMILY.


  3. Posted by Nancy on June 11, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    I saw that happen up close and personal. My parents were victims of that very thing and the leader of the pack was the minister of the Church. It nearly destoyed them. They have since been able to return to a church and regain their faith but it was a very long process.


    • Posted by CA on June 11, 2009 at 10:14 pm

      I’m sorry to hear this effected you so closely Nancy, especially from their Minister. It’s nice to hear they were able to return to their church. Church should be the one safe haven from all the crap floating around out there. Your parents must be very strong people. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Carrie Anne


  4. Sing it sister! It is an old tired tradition that I think is crumbling with all these new contemporary churches popping up. We know better. I call it “Wine Cooler Talk” Gossip over the blood of Christ. Pitiful, let’s prey for them….lol.


  5. You know I can’t call myself religious. I mean I believe in God and the word of the Lord. Went to Catholic School my entire life. Married a Mormom and his family are super religious. And I’ve seen first hand and recieved many of those comments up front because I never converted to the church my husband is in. Why? Because I married him? Not a good enough excuse for thank you.

    For years I’ve believed that I didn’t need a church to tell my how much I love Jesus and the main I thought this way was they way you expressed yourself in your post!

    Those people who think they have a special place in heaven after the mean spiritedness they have must not realize that they are only sitting inches away from a pitchfork! Hehehe!
    Big hugs to everyone and peace be with you~


  6. This really is a sore topic for me as well, because it is the very thing that tore my family apart when I chose to marry Hubs against the wishes of my family. I was given the ultimatum to choose between God (my family) and Hubs.

    I chose Hubs and subsequently lost all my friends, the entire church family I grew up with, and the rift in my family has never been repaired. There are things that some people just don’t seem to get, and I can’t go on pretending that everything is okay when it’s not. Hubs is the love of my life and I have no doubt that we were meant to be together right from the beginning.

    I have faith, but I will never set foot in a church again. It just brings back way too many painful memories because in my cause, being disowned by everyone in my life was just far too traumatic to forget. I won’t go back to being vulnerable and opening myself up to that sort of thing again.

    I’ve refrained from blogging about this in detail, but it would make one hell of a story.


  7. It’s funny, because going to church for some people is just
    a gossip fest. Who is wearing what, who is talking to who, etc. So annoying. I don’t feel like I have to go to church to pray. I pray when I’m alone, at home. And all those people who are outside smoking, laughing, talking loudly? Like, seriously! Annoying. And the people who claim to be the most religious are the ones who gossip the most.


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