A Letter, 5 Years Later

Mr Man turns five

Mr Man turns five

So my son turns five today. I can’t believe it. Somehow this birthday seems to be occupying my mind. Maybe it’s because my son has started school and is exposed to influences other than me. Maybe it’s because he has the ability to do so much on his own. Whatever the reason, it has given me pause to reflect back on the last five years and think about the countless years that lay ahead.

Most people write a letter to their baby when it’s born, talking about their hopes and dreams for their little person. This is my delayed letter to my son:

Dear Son,

Has it been five years already? Our introduction was rough with stressful pre-natal tests and a pre-term diagnosis of kidney disease, but things turned around.

Five years doesn’t seem that long when you think of it. I mean you can count the years on one hand. If they were cookies, they wouldn’t be enough to fill your tummy. But so much can happen in five years; so much can change.

You went through your baby stage learning to roll, eat, talk and walk and bounded right through being a toddler and preschooler. You were a bundle of energy as a baby and you still our now.

I know there are times, quite a few it seems, when you drive me crazy. Like when you tried to climb on top of the two-storey clubhouse in the backyard, just to talk to our neighbour. Or when you give everyone in the school yard a hug, whether they want it or not. And let’s not forget tobogganing down the second floor stairs on a piece of cardboard.

Someone said the traits in our children that test our patience as a mother will be the traits in our children we will be most proud of as they grow into adults. That’s probably true. I look forward to seeing you as a lawyer arguing for the justice system, against the justice system, about the justice system. I can’t wait to see the amazing buildings you design as an architect that fight conventional design. I’ll be so proud (and freakin scared) as I see you perform amazing stunts in your first blockbuster movie.

But with all the loud, argumentative, stubborn, just plain boy behaviour you have a wonderfully sweet, soft side. You’re so affectionate and have the ability to make people happy even in their most blue mood. People can’t help but laugh at your antics and your own laughter is so infectious. I hope as we continue on this crazy journey together we can teach each other to balance the loud and the quiet, the adventurous and the peaceful, the laughing and the crying.

So yes we will still have our fights, probably more as you gain more Independence, but you will always be my Mr. Man. I love you so much and will keep telling you even if it does embarrass you in front of your friends.

Happy 5th Birthday Mr. Man. To this one and the many more that will unfold before us.

Love mom

2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, I hate it when I cry at work, but wow, this letter! Beautiful, just perfect.


  2. Posted by Lisa on June 4, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    Awwww. Just lovely. Definitely a keeper for your son’s memory book. 🙂


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