Am I that old already?

Cinderella met a fella....

Cinderella met a fella....

One afternoon when I was visiting my mom with the kids and we were talking about school when those words came out of my mouth, the words I thought I’d never say…

I remember when…

Wow, is it true? Am I old enough now to have one of those I remember when moments? Yikes. But really, it’s been over well…let’s just say it’s been a few years since I’ve been in school. So things should be different. I guess I must think I’m younger than I am. I guess I expected to walk onto the school yard and see visions of my school days. Instead I see kids hanging around in groups chatting. I see the occasional ball game, but I can’t help but wonder what happened to the old playground games we use to play; I use to play.

Remember those skipping games like double-dutch and Chinese jump rope? Remember those hand rhyming games like See See My Playmate and Down by the Roller coaster? Remember those wall ball games like Donkey and Duplicate?

What happened to these? You don’t see them on the playground anymore. Perhaps it’s a result  of organized  sports, kids have no time to learn these free-time activities that use to be a staple in my youth. And why shouldn’t my daughter enjoy these too?

So I took it upon myself to teach my daughter some of those skipping rhymes and Chinese jump rope games. I even made a Chinese jump rope from tied elastic bands (yes, you can buy a Chinese jump rope or use a double dutch rope, but I only remember it being a homemade elastic band rope).

Now my daughter skips rhymes constantly. She’s even does jump rope tricks like jumping on one foot and skipping backwards. Her teacher asked her to bring her Chinese jump rope to gym one day so the teacher could show everyone in her class how it was played (obviously someone from my generation).

Next on the agenda some hand rhymes. I wonder if I remember any. It has been awhile.

What playground games do you remember?

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  1. Posted by mom on May 26, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    Verity has great skipping style- especially in winter clothes and boots. Did she find the skipping games in the book I gave her?

    Kim had 5000 bees clumped in her tree the bee keeper estimated when he picked them up today.

    Brenna and her skipping group from school will be skipping at the Blue Jays game this Saturday (Heart and Stroke arranged this) and John will be accompanying her to the game.


  2. Cornhole is everywhere you go now but it is like the old games in that it is simple, two boards with holes in them that you throw bean bags in. You can’t go to a party without seeing this game.


  3. I so wish the fun I had on the playground at school will be the same for my boys! Although, being a girl, I’m not quite sure what boys did at recess – I don’t think they did much skipping, did they? My son and I play Pat-A-Cake. I like teaching him how to use his hands for it – it’s funny! Um… what else? Marbles was always fun! I had a fanny pack (heehee) that I would wear at recess and keep my marbles in that. Tetherball was also so much fun!


  4. Jacks! And the snail hopscotch game where you mark your initials to claim a space for every time you’ve gone around once. I loved that one.


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