It’s all in the mind

I recently wrote a post over on Everything Mom about using visualization to help my daughter deal with her growing pains one night without medication. To my surprise the technique worked, I think. I mean I can’t tell if this was a fluke or the technique really worked until I have another opportunity to  test it again, which I haven’t. I like to think it worked. I like the idea that behind the concept of visualization. And I know many people who do believe in and use it regularly.

One really good example is a mom who’s son is in my son’s SportPlay class. One afternoon she was telling me about rediscovering her ability to control her universe with thought (her words not mine). Turns out their family had just put an offer in on a house but needed to sell their current house first. Her solution, just send out to the universe her desire to sell her house, visualizing her house being sold. And you know what happened right? Of course. Her house sold the next day.

Impressed? I was. So much so that I decided to try this technique myself. I mean it didn’t sound that hard. And it’s not like I haven’t done this before. I did save my daughter from a painful, sleepless night, drug-free didn’t I. So I did the first thing anyone with this gift would have done, I asked the universe to send me the winning lottery numbers. I visualized what those numbers would be and a bunch of numbers appeared. Problem of course is that none of them came up. I must have been thinking of another lottery. Perhaps I’d be a millionaire if I played the lottery in Australia.

Or maybe the universe thought my request was a little selfish and greedy. It worked when I was doing the selfless act of helping my daughter. Perhaps something a little more beneficial to more than just me. like a morning free of tattling, squabbling, yelling and crying. Perfect. I send my request out to the universe; I envisioned all three of my happy beautiful children enjoying a pleasant exchange around the dining room table. And you know what, it happened. The next morning as I stand in the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room, I stare smiling sweetly at my three kids. Actually I think my obsessive Snow White silent smile creeped my children out. I think they were worried that I had finally lost my mind and were eating quietly out of concern and fear. Oh well, whatever works.

Even though I wasn’t very good with these two scenarios, I still think that your mind and mindset can effect things around you. The problem is my mind seems to use it’s ability for evil instead of good. For example, today I made toast and jam for my kids and myself. I had a bite and gagged. The jam had obviously gone bad, which pissed me off since it was a new bottle. I tossed my toast and grabbed the kids pieces (only my son had eaten a piece, but he has an iron stomach). So all morning I’ve been thinking about this bad jam. I’m sure I didn’t swallow any but my mind won’t let my stomach believe that. See I can’t pick the lottery numbers but I can make myself sick. Gift or curse?

At least it is ….ah…….all in my mind ….eh…..ah….and eventually it will pass….oh oh, excuse me…..

2 responses to this post.

  1. This made me giggle.

    I actually do believe it too – to an extent. I really believe our attitude to something is more important than the thing itself, which to me is kind of related. I also believe that people just naturally tend not to tell you when they send their desire out to the universe and it doesn’t work.

    (But hey, if you want to send those Australian lottery numbers over…)


  2. Hi!

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