That calls for a little celebrating

So fellow blogger Renee (aka cutiebootycakes) has been participating with 11 other people in the EASports Active 30-Day Challange. Not having a current workout routine myself (unless you call chasing my kids a workout), I can only imagine the challenge of starting one up (check out her challenge diary here). Add to that the pressure of performing in front of all your peers in the blogging world. No pressure there.

So I thought to myself, if she was going to do this intense workout for 30 days I should show my support and join her.

Stretch….. Bend…… Pant… Pant…

Okay, maybe not. So instead I offered my support by way of suggesting workout songs. Then maybe I could pretend I was working out too. Not the same thing? Oh well.

Well now the 30 day challenge is coming to an end and all 12 participants, including Renee, are heading to New York for the final meet-up and party. I live about a 12 hour drive away, so attending the party wasn’t an option. So I decided to have a little party here.

And what do you need for a party? How about some balloons:

Ready to party.

Ready to party.

Now that we have decorations, how about a little party music. Not just any music. We’re talking about celebrating a big accomplishment. That calls for something special, something fun, something that speaks about what the celebration is all about (okay, it’s not Kool & the Gang, but it’s the only version youtube would let me post):

Alright all this dancing is making me hungry, so what about some party snacks. Forget the cheesies. Forget the potato chips. This is a party celebrating the completion of an amazing 30-day journey, so bring out the peppers and cucumbers with roasted red pepper dip. Yum. Oh and some sparkling water in a monkey head cup. Nothing says party like a Munktiki cup, with a fancy straw of course.

tasty party snacks

tasty party snacks

So I hope you enjoyed our little party. And if you happen to be in the New York area you can attend the real party (I heard they might be giving all guests copies of the EA Sports Active game. WOW.) Hey, if you do go, maybe you can pick me up a copy too.

In the meantime I’ll continue my workout at home, bend..pick up sock…stretch…toss it in the basket…bend…pick up sock…stretch…toss it in the basket…phew.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Woooo, yeah! I’m definitely partying along with you. LOVE that monkey head cup. I need one!


  2. Thanks for the party1 Your inspirational songs have brightened my day during the Challenge. I wish you could be here with me to celebrate but your celebration looks like a lot of fun!


  3. I love your exercising philosophy! Sounds about like mine…


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