Don’t know if I’m ready for camp


My little girl guide

Well Mother’s Day is coming this weekend. I’m sure many mom’s are anticipating a wonderful breakfaast of burnt toast and cheerios served in or on or near the bed. Perhaps some nice flowers and a homemade card (as long as the gifts aren’t on this list, you’re probably okay). Well my Mother’s Day gift this year is having my seven year old at Girl Guide camp. This will be her first sleep away camp. And for that matter, mine too, as a mom anyway.

Most moms might be excited about having one less child in the house and it will be nice to not have the usual early morning fights over who has built the tallest Lego tower. But instead I’m seeing flashbacks to the first day of kindergarten (read Scary Mommy’s post to refresh your memory of what that feels like). I remember entering the school playground anxiously with my then four year old daughter. Turns out I was the only anxious one as she ran into a playground full of kids she didn’t know without hesitation (man, I wish I had that gift). The whole kindergarten thing didn’t really hit me until I stopped at a stop sign and noticed her empty car seat in my rearview mirror. Then tears.

And now I see the cycle starting all over again with camp. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for her, but I think I’m secretly hoping at night she misses me, just for a second. I know I will when I walk past her empty room.

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  1. Hi there! I’ve come across to your wonderful blog through the Yummy Mummy Club.
    Astonishing how mummies feel (almost) the same no matter in which part of the world they live: I’ve had the same experience when my son went to the kindergarten…
    All the best,
    Sara (Italy)


  2. Sleepovers aren’t allowed here. We – the parents – just aren’t ready for them. Wishing you courage and kleenx.


  3. Oh you have no idea the mess I am going to be in when my oldest son starts kindergarten in September. I am seriously taking stress leave from work, I am going to need it. OMG I am having a panic attack right now just thinking about it! I’m going to be the crazy mom hiding out in the bushes. Maybe I’ll just quit my job and become the school’s janitor or something… 😉


  4. […] camp for the week, 7 days! This isn’t the first time my daughter has been away from home; she did go away for a weekend with her Brownie troop in May (Mother’s Day weekend I might add). I had some difficulty dealing with that too. But this […]


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