Recently I lost my Internet connection for a day. One day, how bad could that be. I mean most of my days seem to pass so quickly, this day shouldn’t be any different…..

Three hours later (actually it was more like fifteen minutes, it just felt like 3 hours) I was feeling a little unnerved without my Internet. Could I possibly be addicted? This isn’t a new topic. People and their new Internet addiction. I’ve even seen it as a topic on other blogs (checkout LouLou’s Views and Mama Fox on Momaroo).

So I started to check online for a little more info and came across a few questions to help me determine if I am really addicted or not.

  1. Do you neglect household chores to spend more time online? Yes / No YES. That’s kind of a given. I mean if you were given the choice between cleaning the toilet bowel with a broken toothbrush or spend time online researching how you can make the world a better place through social networking what would you choose? Exactly.
  2. Do you snap, yell or act annoyed when someone bothers you when you’re online? Yes/No YES. But I do this when someone bothers me when I’m trying to have a conversation on the phone or when I’m trying to go to the bathroom, by myself. Does that mean I’m addicted these acts too?
  3. Do you find you stay online longer than you originally intended? Yes / No YES. Again, anyone who pays bills, books summer camp for their kids, researches for a new project they’re working on, keeps in touch with family that doesn’t live close, knows all this takes time online and usually longer than expected. But I find everything seems to take longer than expected, unless it’s something for me specifically, like a nap, or bath or reading a book. That time seems to fade rather quickly.

There are a bunch of other questions but the results all end up being the same, YES, but…

And when I think back to this Internet free day, yes I missed connecting online with people, but there were other things. I couldn’t pay my bills or email my recent invoices. I could mail these in but that would take so long (plus I didn’t order my stamps online yet either). I coudn’t make the dinner I had planned that night since I bookmarked the recipe page online. My kids had to suffer through an uneventful meal of butter pasta and salad thanks to no Internet. I didn’t get the email that the conference call scheduled for 3pm had been moved up to 2pm (thank goodness I work with some very understanding Clients). We couldn’t play a family round of Little Big Planet since we all love the community levels and, yes, you need to be online for that too.

With that all said, yes I spend a lot of time online but justifiably. And when you have to do something for a reason and not just for an escape, is that an addiction? And no, I’m not trying to come up with excuses to justify my time, though some of these are pretty good. Well, now I’ve spent a good hour online writing this post. I guess I should do something else, right after I check my email, oh and send my mom those photos. And dinner tomorrow, I need to do something with fish and….

6 responses to this post.

  1. Lolol-you sound exactly like me! While I can go without it, I can also easily spend practically an entire day glued to my computer-which is exactly why I don’t own an iPod touch. I would likely never put it down!

    What I have found works for me is scheduling a time for work (writing on my blog) so that I don’t spend hours at a time when I should be doing something else. I love to write so much that I could easily spend a whole day working on posts.

    That being said, I can have 4 windows open at once and be checking e-mail, twittering, checking Everything Mom and blogging all at once.

    Addicted, much? LOL.


  2. Posted by Kris on May 3, 2009 at 9:33 pm

    I think I’d be answering yes to them, too, lord knows my new “to be purchased” LG shine will be my new link to the outside world from the land of home daycare.

    I say stand up and say proudly – I surf and I don’t care who knows!



  3. Apparently I’m addicted – but I’m ok with it.


  4. Haha… I answer yes to all those questions, as well, sadly. But I can’t help it – I’m very much addicted!


  5. Me too. I found out that even my hobbies suffer from having small hands about so I turned everything digital (painting, writing, etc). I even telecommute daily so I really cannot do without the Internet!

    Is it an addiction? I don’t think so. On Sunday, I didn’t turn on my computer until really late and that was to blog. Not addicted but need it to do my job.


  6. I am totally addicted, and I’ve admitted it several times. It got really bad after I got my laptop which I can practically hitch to my hip :).

    But with the laptop out of sorts this past weekend, it was nice to take a break from it with the lovely weather beckoning, and the kids actually wanting to do something with their parents for a change :).

    I came by via Yummy Mummy Club, nice to visit here …


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