Foto Friday: Green Art

Happy Foto Friday!

I’m participating again this week in Candid Carrie’s Friday Foto Finish Fiesta (check here for other snap happy participants). A fellow blogger and aspiring children’s author, Tara Lazar, announced a children’sart contest and thus this weeks photos.

The Earth's Garden.

The Earth's Garden.

Kids Walking to School

Kids Walking to School

Green Art: Tara’s recent blog post is promoting Carin Berger‘s new book OK Go, a picture book about making greener choices. She’s running a contest for kids under 10 with the prize being a copy of OK Go. My daughter jumped at the chance to cut and paste. She sat at the table for 4 hours over 2 days working on her art. And even though her brother isn’t much of a art person, he wouldn’t allow himself to be outdone by his older sister (thus his street scape image). While the kids worked on these projects, depicting ‘green’ practices, we talked about other ways we could help save the Earth. If you have a child under 10, get out your scissors and paper and let them work on their own ‘green’ collage art. You can read more about the contest here, which closes May 12.

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  1. Posted by Kris on May 3, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Thanks – I’ll be stealing this one for the next time Austin has a play date. Funny thing is we do a craft each play date and some of the moms are in woderment how we manage? I mean I take care of three toddlers under two and a almost 4 year old – a craft on top of that really is more fun than a chore!


  2. […] crafts and hobbies, middle son, oldest daughter, picture books — CA @ 9:07 am One of my previous Foto Friday posts, I talked about a contest that fellow blogger and aspiring children’s book writer Tara Lazar […]


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