Juice Box Jungle: Exercise? Who me?

So the latest Juice Box Jungle video has me thinking about exercise and how it fits or rather doesn’t fit into my life.

[juiceboxjungle height=”327″ width=”320″ video=”iframe/embed/84283_2009-04-20-123807″]

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Yeah, I know exercise is important. We all know that. And before kids yoga was part of my regular routine. But somehow when kids entered the picture everything changed. What hasn’t changed by the introduction of these little people.

Now I’ve never been a fan of going to the gym. Perhaps if I was in better shape I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious about going. But I wouldn’t need the gym as much then would I? It’s a vicious cycle. And even if I didn’t feel so intimated by the whole gym environment, between work and kids and home and writing and… well, who has time to go?

But as I said, exercise is important and I’m very aware that I have three little people who look to me as an example. So instead of trying to go off on my own, behind closed doors, I try to incorporate exercise in my everyday routine, things my kids will see.

Oh, you want to know how? Well here’s a typical routine:

6:3oam – drag two tired kids out of bed and into the bathroom (my youngest is up on her own at 6)
6:45am – chase youngest around the second floor to try and get clothes on her which is hard since she’s in a clothing optional mindset
7:00am – Stretch to get kid’s shirt on. Stoop to get those socks on. Twist to move on to the next child and repeat
7:30am – Breakfast: Kids at table eating. Back to kitchen for more milk. Back to kitchen to get extra fruit. Back to kitchen for toast forgotten in toaster. Back to kitchen to put dishes in dishwasher.
8:15am – Run up to third floor to get permission form that was due back yesterday.
8:30am – Walk oldest to school with middle and youngest in sit/stand stroller which I have to push (uphill, both ways 🙂 ).
9:00am – Walk back home pushing stroller and holding hands of both kids (yes, I do have three hands)
9:30am – Entertain two kids at home by playing super heroes, building forts out of sheets, and racing cars down the hall, all while doing laundry, vacuuming, making beds, cleaning up toys, putting clothes back on my youngest, to name just a few things.
12:00pm – Lunch. Repeat breakfast routine.
12:30pm – Push kids to school in stroll. And if you’re like me and wait until the last minute to leave the house you’ll get an extra cardio push because you have to run to get to the schoolyard before the bell.
1:00pm – Walk my youngest back home doing the sloham to avoid old men talking, stray dogs and other strollers.
1:15pm – If my youngest is kind enough to have a nap now I’m usually able to get some writing and work done during this cool down stage
3:150pm – Run back to school pushing youngest in stroller since I have, again, left late.
3:45pm – Walk home convincing my middle child that he needs to walk and not ride on the stroller no matter how loud the stroller seat is calling him.
4:40pm – Start dinner preparation. This seems early but with interruptions and homework and battle negotiations if I start much later we won’t sit until 7pm.
6:00pm – Dinner. Repeat breakfast eating routine.
7:00pm – Undress, bathe, brush (hair & teeth), dress. Repeat for each child.
8:00pm – Bend good night song. Bend hug. Bend kiss. Bend another hug/kiss. Move to next room and repeat
8:30pm – Start drinking (water of course) and unload from today and mentally prepare for tomorrow.
REPEAT five times a week.
Friday alternative – On Fridays the kids are allowed to have TV on so it doesn’t take much to convince them to compete in a  hula-hoop contest, or downhill skiing, or boxing all on the Wii Fit (I love that machine).

Okay, I won’t win any fitness competition with this routine or get into that size 6 bathing suit (like I ever fit into it), but at least I don’t have to worry about creating excuses about why I can’t get to the gym. And I don’t need to feel self-conscious about how I look since my kids love me just the way I am. Who can ask for a better support team.

I’d love to hear if you follow a similar routine or something complete different. And don’t forget, tell me about your support network in case I need to borrow it when mine our busy doing homework.

For more ideas on exercise and other parenting videos, visit Juice Box Jungle.

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