Who are you?

There are many ways you can tell it’s Spring, beyond just the date on your calendar: your mailbox is full of flyers from real estate agents looking to list your home or sell you a home or both, construction crews seem to be doing road work along your everyday road routes, the ice-cream truck now parks outside your house just as you’re getting dinner ready and many other not so pleasant signs. Okay, I’m not a fan of Spring.

But there is one sign of Spring that isn’t terrible. I’ve noticed it recently, people emerging from their hibernation. I’m not talking about those people coming out of their house after being shut-in during the cold months. I’m talking those who’ve released themselves from the mobile caves: the hats and scarves and bulky snow jackets. I’ve seen a lot of them at the school yard. People, parents or caregivers I’m assuming, that have been reduced to descriptions by their winter attire like gray lump mom with the pink pompom hat or puffy blue dad or the multi-coloured peeker.

With outer layers stripped away I don’t recognize anyone. One parent tried to strike up a conversation in the school yard while waiting for our kids to be released. Her mouth was moving but I couldn’t hear anything because I was preoccupied with trying to figure out who she was. I held my hands up in front of my face like trying to frame something for a photo revealing only her eyes. Ah, multi-coloured peeker.

Spring. People look thinner, taller, happier. It’s like rediscovering everyone all over again. Nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Spring is great… and summer is even better!


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