A therapeutic outlet

So with my daughter’s birthday happening this last weekend, I’ve fallen behind on a lot of my writing, including my Writer’s Digest entries for the Poem-A-Day competition I’ve been participating in. Well yesterday’s prompt was to write an angry poem. At first I thought this would be difficult. Not because I don’t get angry, but usually by the time I sit to write about being angry, the moment has passed.

But as I read through some of the other poem’s people submitted I was reminded of an incident that occurred to me this weekend when I was out. I was turning at an intersection, the street was clear. I was halfway through the crosswalk when a pedestrian decided to cross, at an angle, outside of the crosswalk, but in front of me. He was so annoyed with that he kicked the back of my van and put a crack in my tail light. I was furious, but I had the three kids with me so what could I do. I’ve been trying hard to behave myself when driving with the kids and this can be hard on some days.

I’ve been both inside the car and outside and I’ve encountered many pedestrians that seem to think they’re above everyone else around them. And it drives me nuts. So now I had something to write about. And actually writing about it was kind of therapeutic (sort of).

Pedestrian ass


You walk four or five abreast

letting no one get by.


You cross in the middle of the road

causing cars to swerve.


You plow your way through

knocking people without apology.


You wade out looking for your bus

stopping vehicles from turning.


You are ignorant of anyone around you.

You’re an ass.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Poetry is great therapy, isn’t it? Until I read your poem, I’d forgotten those things make me mad, too. It’s their contempt and arrogance that gets under our skin I think.


  2. Posted by Kris on May 3, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    My husband would be able to right a second companion to this – You drive a Lexus sideways across the Home Depot parking lot and when I tell you you are an ass you give me the middle finger and speed off with your stupid TAX DOC licence plate. Hey ass – TAX DOC – that means your are NOT A DOCTOR – ASS!


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