Motherly influences on my writing

I know that being a mother influences a lot of what I do, what I eat, read, talk about. Even effecting what I right. I didn’t realize how much until I started participating in the Writer’s Digest Poem-A-Day competition. Yesterday and today’s prompts had me thinking about my kids. Maybe if I was a real poet (whatever that is) my writing would be different. Or would it? I’m sure both of these poems would ring some truth in most moms. Let me know

Yesterday’s post was about ‘Clean’ or ‘Dirty’. You had to choose one and write a poem about it. And my little helper is the first thing that came to mind.

Cleaner and Cleaning

She carries her bowl,
clearing it from the table.
I follow,
picking up lost Cheerios as they
tumble and drop and roll on the floor.

She washes her hands,
pumping, pumping the soap from the dispenser.
I follow,
rinsing the jam smeared cloth,
washing crumbs and bubbles and water down the drain.

She empties the laundry basket,
putting her clean clothes away.
I follow,
unstuffing the overflowing drawer,
sorting and matching and folding the clothes into neat piles.

She is my little cleaner
and I don’t mind cleaning up after her.

Today’s prompt was writing about a routine. Well, if anyone knows about routines it’s moms. There are many routines that I don’t enjoy, like making lunches and dinner. Getting the kids ready for school. Getting the kids ready for bed. (Boy that seems like a Iot I don’t like). But the bath time, although it’s a necessity, is one that we all enjoy. It’s a great way to wind down and get ready for bed.

Three clean faces

Water thunders from the tap.
Clothes fly and drop to the floor.
Thirty little toes wiggle in the wet.
Pirates find treasure at the bottom.
Boats float on the top.
Six hands play among the man-made waves.
Toys drip in their container.
Water swirls around and around the drain.
Three beautifully clean faces smile at me.
I love bath time.

One response to this post.

  1. Hi Carrie Ann,

    Being techno-challenged, this is the first place I’ve found to get back to you on a few, top-of-mind thoughts on the idea of living in the country.

    It is great in many ways, (We love it.) but you should check on the taxes (much higher per $100,000 of value assigned to your house than in Toronto). That is, if you are characterized as residential. If you buy a farm you may receive farm status, and that’s different, because in farm territory, the residential properties subsidize the farm. (You can always rent out your acreage to a farmer.)

    You should also enquire about cultural services available: book clubs, French Conversation groups, writing groups, literary/music festivals/concerts etc. (Whatever it is you would like).

    They’re all available where we are, but not everywhere in the country. Of course, you can always start your own – but you need that critical mass of other people who want the same as you do.

    Margaret Blair


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