Could this day get any worse?

Today – The Sun and Neptune are on a collision course in your house of power. Expect total chaos, disappointment and a headache for most of the morning.

That wasn’t my horoscope for today, but the way my morning’s been going, it could have been. I knew this would happen when I made a comment about The Lil’ Mom that Could and her Bad Day; I knew it would come back to bite me in the nether region. And so here it is. The day has arrived, with a blanket of white.

I’m actually partial to snow, but not after I just put all the snow gear away. I know, pretty silly of me. I should have waited until summer vacation before doing that. I was lucky enough to find mitten pairs (and by pairs I mean one for the right hand and one for the left, not that they actually matched). As I tossed food at my kids for breakfast, I tried to finish some emails for work. But of course my kitchen computer is one of those early artificial intelligent machines and decided to have a tantrum. What sort of time-out can you give to a computer that doesn’t listen?

Breakfast over, struggles in the bathroom complete, we head out to the van only to be by greeted icy, frozen passenger doors, preventing the kids from getting in and causing me to do some sort of acrobat technique from the front seat to the back over the centre console. OUCH!

Finally everyone was in and secure and we were on the road. We actually don’t have that far to go, maybe a 5 minute drive. But toss in two school buses, a taxi trolling for passengers, an unleashed dog and double-parked school drop-off moms and my 5 minute drive turns into 30 minutes in the fifth level of Hell.

So now we’re late. As I abandoned my van in the school drop-off zone prime for a parking ticket for parking after the allowed drop-off time, my daughter then realizes she forgot her lunch in the front hall. This is of course my fault, according to my daughter. If I hadn’t rushed her out the door she would have remember. Yeah, right!.

With my oldest now the responsibility of the school system, I strap the other two back into the van (luckily no parking ticket greets us on the windshield). I leave the kids in the van to dash in and scoop up the lunch bag. I drive back to school, park illegally again in the school drop-off zone (nothing like tempting fate, eh), and walk briskly balancing my youngest in my arms, lunch bag in one hand and middle child in the other hand. My humiliation is amplified through the front door intercom system while I explain why they need to buzz me into the locked school since classes have already started.

I finally make it back home without loosing my other two kids along the way (small blessing). My two youngest decide to have a competition to see who can upset the other one the most as I countdown the minutes until lunch when I have to work my way  back to school for my son’s afternoon kindergarten drop-off.

OK, things could have been much worse. The car could have died en-route. I could have received 2 parking tickets. I could have gotten in an accident trying to avoid all the crazies that seem to be drawn to me. And being tired probably exaggerated everything. Actually, now that I’ve written this out I don’t feel so bad about the whole thing. And you know, things can only get better right?

[tinkle tinkle tinkle splat – sound of youngest daughter emptying the toothpick holder of it’s contents all over the kitchen floor]

Or maybe not. Is it too early for a drink? Sigh

One response to this post.

  1. I know this day well. It visits me every couple of weeks. Damn day! It’s so not invited!


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