Day 3: ‘The trouble with..’ prompt poem

It’s day 3 of Writer’s Digest Poem-A-Day competition. I’m not a poet, but I thought I’d try the challenge of writing a poem everyday. Today’s prompt was taking the phrase ‘The trouble with…’ and adding something to the end. That would the the poem’s title and the poem had to follow that. I thought what I wrote today was fitting for moms so I thought I’d post it here. Remember, I said I’m not a poet. Let me know what you think:


The problem with naps


My mom thinks that

I need a nap.

But I’m not tired.


I’m a circus clown,

jumping on my trampoline.

I’m an astronaut,

bouncing from one end of the moon and back again.


I can’t have a nap

and miss all that.


I’m a dancer,

twirling and twirling and twirling until I fall down.

I’m a momma bird

teaching my babies to fly, tossing them high out of my bed.


I can’t have a nap

and miss all that.


I’m a swimmer,

kicking my way across the ocean.

I’m an explorer,

hunting for gems, blanketed in the dark.


I can’t

have a nap






I’m a bear,

hiding from the cold snow.

I’m a star,

drifting, drifting.







3 responses to this post.

  1. Love it! Could see it as a children’s book, actually. Well done.


  2. Posted by mom on April 3, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    Very good! Maybe you are a poet.


  3. […] I have to) but I don’t necessarily write it or seek it out. I did read a lovely poem entitled “The Trouble With Naps” written by Carrie Ann at “Another Day, Another Thought” […]


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