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I work from home. I don’t miss rushing out the door to get the kids to daycare before my client meeting, which gets cancelled five minutes after it’s suppose to start, so the creative and technical team are pissed — at me, then it’s rescheduled for 5pm, which I can’t make so I try teleconferencing in but my phone battery dies halfway through the call…Well you get the idea.

If there is one thing I miss from working in the office and don’t really get from my home office set-up, I’d have to say the chatter. Not the noise, I can use a radio for that. No, it’s the casual chit-chat with people in the office. Exchanging a joke, an update or sometimes nothing of real substance at all. It’s fun and a break from work.

Then I found twitter. To be honest, it’s more likely I found via some other mom’s blog (‘cuz as you know from one of my previous post I just don’t live up to the standards that other moms set). Curious, I joined. Hey, this is what I was talking about, what I was missing at home, pure idle chit-chat; the exchange of ideas. I can pop in and out whenever I want. There’s always someone there willing to share. A tip on how to get my kids to eat veggies. A joke about cows. An link to an interesting article.

One such article that was posted bySharon DeVellis (of the intrigued me  – Twitter for writers http://www.theglobeandmail….

I love writing, that’s why I started blogging to begin with. The idea of trying to write something creative within the 140 character limit of twitter was a challenge I couldn’t pass up. It’s almost like one of those creative writing exercise you had to do in school. So I tried:

Before sticking the knife in he read the micetype, ‘artificial flavouring’. He dropped the jam on the floor and ran from the room screaming.

Ruff. She had to pee. Ruff. She scratched at the door trying to get out. He looked at her and sighed, ‘For the last time, you’re not a dog,’

She moved the pencil gracefully along the bottom rim of her eye. First the right. Then the left. RED LIGHT. Screech. She slammed the breaks.

Finally quiet. Warm mug in her hand. Sigh. A big sip. A voice. ‘Mom, where’s my science project? Urine sample? Sitting on counter?’ MMUPHHH!

I found it much harder than I thought. Some are good. Some not so good. Some pure crap. But I enjoyed it. It was fun. Give it a try and see what you come up with. And if you happen to see one of mine, let me know: Good, Not So Good, or Crap (that’s okay, I can take it).

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  1. oh completely agree! I love twitter! I need adult conversation during the day and some days we just cant leave the house. Also love talking to other mommies out there in the exact same situation. makes a little community!

    btw. I have a very cute giveaway going on my blog right now!


  2. Thanks so much for stopping in at Babasfarmlife and commenting! It meant so much to me.


  3. Love them – I think they’re great and it’s WAY harder than it looks


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  5. […] was hard, but I came to terms with becoming a van mama. I discovered twitter which as a work from home mom can be a lifesaver. I joined Mom Central Canada as one of their […]


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