Surgar High or Why I let my kids drink 4 Liters of pop in an evening

popdrinkersWhen your children go to school you expect the requests for supplies: toilet paper rolls, Kleenex boxes, empty babyfood bottles.  So when the March class calendars went around I wasn’t surprised to see a note asking for an empty 2L clear or green pop bottle, one for each child. Well being like any great mom who cares about and looks out for her children’s well being, I rushed out to pick these up right away.

Okay, first off, it’s not that I don’t care about my kids, I do. I’m just a bit of a procrastinator. So, no, I didn’t get the bottles when I should. Mistake number one. March Break came and went. School started up again. Picking up my kids I was greeted with ‘You forgot my pop bottle.’ Damn. And of course, according to my kids, every other child brought their bottles in, on time, bought by moms who care. It seems I just don’t measure up to ‘every other mom’. That’s OK, I came to terms with that years of go 🙂 Good thing there’s a little grocery store around the corner from the school.

Now I sit at home with two 2L bottles of pop. Since we don’t drink pop at home my first instinct was to just dump the bottles, but somehow that seemed so wasteful, even for pop. I thought how bad would a small glass of pop be for the kids. Mistake number two. Unless you think relay races around the main floor dining room, kitchen, front hall, living room is ideal child behaviour, than I wouldn’t recommend this. I don’t know what I expected. I think pop effects most people. It’s effects are just magnified in my non-pop drinking kids. The rest of the pop went down the drain.

I was sharing my story with another non-pop drinking mom in the school yard thinking she must have gone through the same dilemma I went through and we could laugh about it together. Instead she told me how asking her neighbours yielded bottles from the recycle bin and no children were harmed. Of course. Simple solution. It proves yet again why I don’t measure up to other kids mom’s.

Have a fun pop-free day. I know I will.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog(s). I appreciate you stopping by and leaving me a comment.


  2. […] more likely I found via some other mom’s blog (’cuz as you know from one of my previous post I just don’t live up to the standards that other moms set). Curious, I joined. Hey, this is […]


  3. i think thats great , pop puts me to sleep but in kids it is a sugar high . your a funny sounding mom )) – great story made my day


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