Lessons learned on her own

I’m use to giving my kids advice or direction until I’m horse. And it usually falls on deaf ears, or so it seems to me. It’s gotten to the point where now I just ignore things.

Sheets on the bed are lumpy with a vague sign of being made — IGNORED

Books on the shelf (kids shelves mind you) are put in upside down, backward, laying across the top of other books – IGNORED

Socks being worn are two different colours – IGNORED

Batman stunts are being performed from jumping off the back of the couch – IGNORED. What!! No way. I have limits and that has to stop!

You get the idea. Some things just aren’t worth the argument. And I have found that some lessons are best learned by my kids through their own trial and error.

Today is a great example. My oldest daughter designed to wear her Capri pants today. You know, it’s Spring, the sun’s out, time for warmer close (did you read why I Hate Spring?) Now, if it was going to be really cold out I would have made her change. I may have many bad mom moments, but none that bad. So here we go skipping to school and wouldn’t you know it my daughter is cold. To keep warm she needs to run around and skip and hop (which really isn’t a bad thing in itself). Just before she went into the school, she gave me her hug and kiss. Then she whispered in my ear ‘Remind me next time not to wear short pants on cold days. Oh and can you bring me a change of pants at lunch.’

I know what you’re thinking, I should have told my daughter to change, that it was too cold for what she was wearing. I’ve been there. And the end result is unhappy, stressful mornings. I say mornings because she would have fought me to wear the pants for the rest of the week. Of course you may disagree and that’s fine.

No, I think chilly legs are worth my daughter realizing, on her own, why she should wear long pants for a little while longer.

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  3. […] but maybe she would if I let her eat a whole bunch of crap. Sometimes kids need to learn things by experiencing it themselves. An upset tummy from eating too much bad food = a revelation that mom is […]


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