Cookies and decoys

cookiesatvYesterday my husband took our two oldest to the Sportsman Show here in the big city. It’s a funny place to be since we’re not very sporty people. We don’t fish or hunt or play hockey or even watch hockey. It’s all because of my daughter. She was asked to bring her sweet smile to sell cookies for her girl guide troop and earn her cookie selling badge of course.

It seems like a bit of a contrast, girl guide cookies and hunters, but I guess everyone gets hungry.

The show was a great treat for my son. He sat on every ATV available. He tried out binoculars. He wore a life jacket. He even played a target game. The old men at the booth tried to give him pointers on how to get a good shot. Of course it didn’t help that the pellet gun was longer than my son. I don’t even think he could pull the trigger. It was like an amusement park.

At the end of the day my daughter walked away thinking about her cookie badge. While my son held on to his ATV memories. Thank goodness for living in the big city and gun laws.

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