Another Power Outage

I can’t believe I was caught again. We had another power outage last night and I was completely unprepared. The last time this happened I swore to myself as I stumbled around in the dark that I wouldn’t be caught in this position again. I would make sure a flashlight was on each floor and they all had batteries. I would have candles tucked away in the closet, easy to get at. So there I was last night, in the dark. Flashlights? I had to feel my way down from the third floor to the kitchen to find one. Then of course, no batteries (I think I used them in one of the kids toys). I used one of the candlesticks from the dining room. Wax dripped on my hands as I went around unplugging things. At least the temperature during this outage was above freezing so we didn’t have to evacuate. So have I learned from my mistake? Well I know where at least one flashlight is even if I don’t have batteries. I guess I’ll just practice walking around my house in the dark.

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