A year of change

I think this is going to be a year of change.

Some changes have already happened. To make things easier on everyone I moved the kids to a local school. They use to attend an alternative school, but it meant driving to and from school six times a day. It has been an adjustment but better than I expected. Instead of driving to another neighbourhood, popping in and out of some place we don’t really belong, we walk to school, when the weather allows, and have a strong sense of belonging. We know the crossing guards and shop keepers. Say ‘hi’ to other parents and kids we pass along the way. 

Some changes are just beginning. Maybe it’s just the whole New Year/New Life idea, but I’ve been going through, or trying to go through, a purging. We’ve been going through the house and getting rid of unnecessary stuff and we had a lot of it. I’ve been trying to eat and live healthier, which filters down to the rest of the family. This change is harder then changing schools and is probably why this is still in the ‘beginning’ stages. It’s probaby harder because it requires more from me.

But when I talk about this being a year of change, I’m thinking something bigger. My husband and I have been thinking of getting out of the city. We’ve lived here before we met, when we married, when we bought a house, when we had kids. My husband’s lived here all his life. But now, the city just doesn’t seem to offer us what we’re looking for anymore. We’re actively trying to get out. Maybe move to a small town. I’ve been thinking about blogging, but thought I really have nothing to say. That I’d start one when something bigger happened’ like a move. But then what if there isn’t any big change. What if it’s a year of little changes. If I wait, the year will be over. Here’s to the changes ahead, whatever they may be

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  1. Posted by Dad on March 4, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    My goodness it really sounds like a big “C” change. Totally agree with the change of school. One has to weigh the costs, inconvience, advantages and disadvantages of different schools and the area they are in.

    I think moving to a small town is a great idea…I would love to do that, say move up island. Gold River is a real nice place. I had to take a helicopter and fly around there on a job I was tasked with.

    Now is the time to make changes because as you get old, like 39, my age (Jack Benny), it is much more difficult to change gracefully if to change at all.

    The one big consideration is working where you live….it will get very frustrating very fast having to spend hours on the freeway.


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